Wednesday, 6 April 2016

PrestaShop Checkout Page Analytics

It is important to keep a close vigil and monitoring on the checkout behavior of your customers for better customer engagement and product sales. If you are able to track the checkout journey of your customers, it would be a bit easier for you to convert your site visitors into your potential customers. With this module, store owners can have a detailed information about the checkout information of their customers for boosting their conversion rates and product sales. It is really a mind blowing PrestaShop module that can change the entire course of your online store and can make you an undoubted champion in your particular business segment. Let us take a close look at the various screenshots mentioned below for better understanding of this eCommerce module.

PrestaShop checkout page analytics Module | knowband

Analyze the checkout behavior of your targeted customers for better customer engagement and product sales with the support of this PrestaShop checkout page analytics module. It will provide you crucial information that can eliminate the various hurdles for the checkout process.

Setting Dashboard of PrestaShop checkout page analytics module | Knowband

This module can provide detailed statistical information about checkout process on your site for better customer engagement and sales among your business rivals. With this crucial data, it will be much easier for you to target your customers for higher sales. The module also offers detailed analytical report of the total shopping carts in the form of fields like cart id, customer details, customer type, email provided, number of clicks on checkout button and other parameters by making use of various sorting filters. The module also provides information about your shopping cart for quick cart recovery and higher sales.

When you have the assistance of this feature packed module for getting a deep insight about the checkout behavior of your customers through the help of statistical information, you can seamlessly convert your abandoned customers into your potential customers. Grab this PrestaShop module now and be prepared to achieve higher conversion rates and sales by effective targeting of your customers. If you are aware about the shortcomings in your checkout process, you can seamlessly provide an engaging online shopping experience to your targeted customers. Make the right decision now by installing this PrestaShop module on your store.
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