Monday, 2 May 2016

PrestaShop Automatic Related Products

Product recommendation is an amazing way to boost sales and revenue for any online store as it provides insight about the various products that are related to the interest of customers. This type of promotion helps in persuading customers to make an additional product purchase. However, this is one such area which is still untapped and is not effectively utilized by numerous online stores around the world. If you are still neglecting product recommendation for your customers, it is time to rethink your decision by installing this feature loaded PrestaShop Automatic Related Products module from Knowband. If you are still not satisfied with its performance and services, you need to take a close look at the various screenshots that are explained below:

PrestaShop Automatic Related Products Module | Knowband

Show your customers related products for providing them an additional option while making a product purchase for better customer engagement and sales. The module showcases related product on your site for boosting further sales and revenue from your targeted customers. 

Shows the product list with pricing information | Knowband

 With this module, store owners can provide information about other related products at an appropriate location on their site for better customer engagement and sales. It shows product images with respective prices for helping customers in a quick product purchase.

Create a customized list of related products on your site | Knowband

Now, store owners can make a quick customization in this module regarding the presentation of related products on a site. You can create rows of recommended products by making configuration in column appearance, related products filtering on the basis of color, size, properties, width, manufacture, weight and other such attributes, product level and general module settings.

Installation of PrestaShop Automatic Related Products Module | Knowband

Enjoy a quick installation of this module through the back end of your PrestaShop platform. The entire process is seamlessly managed within few simple clicks.

Don't let your business opportunities slip away into the hands of your rivals but take the proactive steps by giving this extraordinary PrestaShop module an effective try. It will provide your customers a quick insight about all the related products based on their specific product interest. So, give your sales a much needed boost with this feature loaded PrestaShop extension.

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