Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How an Ajax Cart Module for PrestaShop can take the Customer Engagement on your Site to Another Level?

Customer engagement is the only factor that decides the efficiency of eCommerce sites in a truly competitive environment. If we check on the internet, we can find a large number of similar sites that provide the same eCommerce service or product that we are providing. In all of these sites, SEO is a major factor, but the customer engagement is the only factor which decides if your site is competitive enough to survive the competition.

PrestaShop Ajax Cart+ is a tool for your PrestaShop site that can transform your old and monotonous shopping cart module into an interactive, optimized, responsive, and quick shopping cart. The quickest shopping cart preview and updation are provided by this module without actually visiting the shopping cart page. The interactive pop-up window provides a hassle-free and quickest way to update or preview your shopping cart because of its Ajax-based coding. Thus, this Ajax Cart module for PrestaShop prevents the customers from the frustration of frequent page reloads to view or update products in their shopping cart.

An Ajax-based coding prevents the frequent page reloads to update or add a product to the cart. 

The screen print above is a self-explanatory image which itself shows a great number of features and benefits of this PrestaShop Ajax Cart+ module. 

  • Quick loading pop-up window appears when a user clicks "Add to Cart" button. 
  • Product preview facility is provided in the pop window that shows a clear image of the product with other details such as Product name, Product Quantity, Unit price, and estimated cost price of the cart. 
  • The user can easily update the quantity of a particular product from the pop-up window itself. 
  • If, at the later stage, a user wants to remove a product from the cart, then it can be easily done by clicking the cross icon by the side of the product details. A user can remove a product from the cart without reloading the page. 
  • The estimated cost of shipping is also provided in the pop-up window which ensures a better UX for the customers as they are informed about all the hidden and straight charges on this pop up itself.  
  • Option to add a coupon code or voucher code in the pop-up window itself makes this Ajax Cart plugin a better option to choose as compared to any other plugin in the market. This is so because the offers and discounts help a lot to increase customer engagement on any eComerce site and with this plugin you provide a perfect way to utilize the offers and discount given by you to the customers.  
  • If a customer decides to add some more items to the shopping cart, then he can simply return to the product page by clicking "CONTINUE SHOPPING."But, if he/she wants to make the purchase of the items already added to the cart, then the option to click on the "CHECKOUT" button will take him/her directly to the checkout page.

Thus, the PrestaShop Ajax Cart+ can be a good option for those eCommerce site owners who are looking for the ways to improve the customer engagement on their site.
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