Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Why do you need a Magento Auto Subscribe extension?

Magento Auto Subscribe extension for advanced email list building

Email are being used for a very long time for marketing purposes. Email communication with the customers is the oldest mode that has been used in eCommerce marketing and is still popular till date. It is because of the ROI that we get from email marketing that keeps encouraging its use even after more advanced marketing tools have been introduced today to eCommerce world.   

So, emails are important and we need to keep a hold of them for better growth in eCommerce market. However, to use emails for marketing and other purposes, we need the email ids of our customers. So, to get the email ids?  

Newsletter subscription is the most basic and effective tool that has been used for years to build an email list. Even now, we mostly depend on more advanced versions of the Newsletter subscription forms to get the email ids. However, customers have now become very smart and they know that if they give their email ids, they are going to receive tons of marketing emails in their inbox. So, they prefer not to share their email ids at all.  

It is the time when you need a Magento Auto Subscribe extension on your Magento store to effectively build an email list by encouraging customers to provide their email ids using some different and non-traditional ways.  

  • The traditional way: 

A Magento Auto Subscribe extension possess certain features to customize the newsletter subscription forms from the back-office itself. Using these customizations, you can modify the subscription forms and pop-ups to put something that your customers would like to have in return of their email ids.   
  • The non-traditional way: 

You can set the Magento Auto Subscribe extension to automatically capture the email ids of the customers from account registration form and checkout form. These are the places where customers easily give their email ids. So, you can use the Magento Auto Subscribe extension to automatically capture email ids from these forms.   

Automatic email address capture in Magento Auto Subscribe extension
  • Utilizing the captured email ids-  

 Capturing an email id not enough to build an email list. You should be effectively able to use those email ids to send marketing emails to the customers. Keeping those captured email ids on your Magento store will not help in marketing. For better and effective email marketing we often resort to the tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact. These tools provide specialized interfaces to launch a marketing campaign in a much better way.   

So, the next important task that your Magento Auto Subscribe extension performs is to sync the captured email ids to your MailChimp and Constant Contact account. You can easily specify the category of the list on your MailChimp where you want to sync the captured email ids.  

Utilizing the captured email ids

So, building an email list is not a tough task if you know what your customers will like to have from you in return to the email ids they give. Moreover, there are also the ways to capture email ids without actually asking for a Newsletter subscription. It is up to you how you are using a Magento Auto Subscribe extension for email list building.  

The examples in the screenshot above are from the Knowband-Magento Auto Subscribe extension. It consists of all the features discussed above and certainly a perfect tool in case you are looking for an efficient Magento Auto Subscribe extension for your store.
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