Wednesday, 4 October 2017

4 eCommerce Website Implementations that you Need to Incorporate Now

Module for Prestashop Store Implemention

The success of a web store depends upon a lot of factors. To state some of them would be amount of products, various deals and discounts provided, customers feedback and reviews. Thus, in order to make a store success, the seller need to work on all aspects of the store. Most of the time stores would focus on growing better products base for the customers but the customers need more than that. The customers want a total package where they could get quality products and at the same time a better sopping experience. In order to be precise the store must take the customer’s convenience into consideration for their better engagement.

According to a survey, “About 53% of the users demand a better experience over better products while shopping”. Thus, the seller must come up with different innovative ideas to provide customers with better services. It helps in enhancing the store visibility and at the same time also helps the customers to relate better to the products. Thus, helping the seller make better sales and generate immediate conversions.

The primary concern of the seller must be customer’s experience on the web store. For that, the seller may provide various options and features on the web store which makes the process of shopping easy and fun for the customers. The customer will feel better about making a purchase from the store.  The stores must be covering all the important features which makes it a better platform to shop with, providing customers to access various features without having to go through any trouble. It results in a happy and satisfied customer, who will readily return to the web store in order to make any future purchases. Thus it helps in retention of customers too.

Let us discuss some of the implementations which can make the website a better place for customers.

1.  One page checkout

Prestashop One Page Checkout

One of the most annoying thing for the customers after they are done with the shopping is completing the transaction process. Most of the time a customer has to go through several pages in order to complete the transaction. Thus, it results in an annoyed customer. Therefore, the web stores must incorporate a one page super checkout feature for the customers. The customers can fill up all the necessary details and make the payment for their products in the same page. It saves customers a lot of time and efforts. 

2.  Infinite scroll

Prestashop Infinite Scroll
One of the better approach to engage the customers on your web store is by providing the option of browsing all products under one page. The Prestashop Infinite scroll module helps the web stores to allow the feature of browsing the products infinitely. The customers don’t have to switch the pages again and again in order to keep browsing for the products they are looking for. It helps the customers by making their search better and at the same time engages the customers to keep searching for their favorite products and make purchase.

3.  Exit pop ups

Prestashop Exit Popup

One of the increasing concern of the web store owners is the increasing number of abandon cart rates. Thus, the seller must come with better ideas to lower the number of abandon carts Therefore, the exit pop ups can help the seller to do so. Whenever a customer is about to exit the store the exit pop up comes with a deal or offer for the customer. It encourages the customers to take the offer and complete the purchase they were about to exit. It helps the seller in making better sales and at the same time the number of abandon carts are decreased to a considerable amount.

4.  Social loginizers

Prestashop Social Loginizer

The increasing influence of social media has grown a vast impact on users. Most of the time if a visitor wants to access the web stores than they may be required to fill up lengthy and time consuming forms. By introducing social loginizers the customers don’t have to fill forms for different web stores repeatedly. Most of the time the visitors can just use their social media account details in order to access the web store. It helps both seller and thee customers. The customer gets access to the web store while the seller is provided with the permission based data of the customers. It helps the seller in making future sales.

Over to You

The success of any web store is not the result of products in the store. Most of the time the sellers must work collectively in terms of providing better services and features to enhance customer’s experience on the web store. Thus, following the marketing hacks and making use of different features helps the web store to grow a lot and make higher sale.,

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