Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Everything you need to know about Prestashop Mobile App Builder

Mobile apps have become the very big thing in the eCommerce industry as of now. Smartphones and mobile phones have completely reshaped the game in the retail market for the past few years. Online shoppers, with the increasing usage of mobile devices, shifted their shopping preference to mobile devices which led to the rise of mobile apps. It bounded both small-scale and large eCommerce businesses to shift their store to mobile.

Earlier, developing an eCommerce application was a luxury for any store and today it is one of the fundamental needs. Mobile applications can propel your optimized website into quantum leaps. With the ever-growing competition in the market, mobile apps provide something better and unique to users which keeps you ahead in the race.

What is Prestashop Mobile App Builder?

Often people get confused between the two terms - mobile app development and mobile app builder. Though they both may seem to have the same meaning, yet are quite different. Mobile application development involves you to learn technical coding and designing expertise. While on the other hand Mobile app builder is a readymade pre-configured framework which provides Android and iOS both application. Want to know, how? let's find out.

For all the nontech Prestashop store owners out there, Knowband has simplified the process of mobile app development for your store. All you need to do is to purchase Prestashop Mobile app builder by Knowband, install it on your store and share your requirements with us. Follow these three steps and our skilled development team will get back to you with the mobile app designed as per your expectation.  

Developing Android and iOS apps were never this easy. Also, the developed mobile applications are fully native and come with numerous features. So instead of indulging into technical concepts and workings, why not to opt for a better way with Prestashop mobile app maker.

What are additional benefits of Prestashop mobile app creator?

Well  you might have concern that why to go for mobile app builder to just create an app? Well, Prestashop Android and iOS mobile app maker has much more to bring to the table. Its advanced features which come with the developed apps will surely take your business to new peaks. Let's see the list of such beneficial features:

1. Full Customization and control

Both Android and iOS applications can be fully customized from the Admin panel. This functionality allows the admin to present his/her app according to the need. Along with customizable interface, the mobile apps can be fully controlled from the backend.

2. Seamless management

The developed eCommerce mobile apps for Prestashop are synchronized with your web store. This forms a connection between the two and any change made in the inventory immediately gets reverted on the applications. Prestashop Mobile app creator thus eases your job.

3. Global targeting

The mobile apps created by Prestashop mobile app maker has multiple language support. You can easily take your business global with these mobile apps. For all the Prestashop store owners who have bigger plans for the globalization of their business, this plugin could be a game changer for you.

4. Easy purchase

We often ignore the importance of payment methods in an application. Users mostly leave their purchase unsuccessful after lacking their favorable payment method. Prestashop Android and iOS app maker simplifies them and supports all the methods running on your store. It even supports all the shipping methods in the applications.

5. Flawless functionality

Both Android and iOS mobile applications developed by Prestashop mobile app builder addon are fully native and works flawlessly on the respective devices. The eye retina display and multiple screen size support make them look visually effective.

6. Social media Integration

Where there is a matter of user targeting, how can you miss social media platforms? Mobile app maker for Prestashop stores also brings the different social networks to your app. Right from easy login and checkout to product sharing, this feature has its own perks for your growth.

7. Clutter-free navigation

In order to give an amazing shopping experience to users, Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder provides easy app navigation in layers. You can easily direct the users to find their desired products. Voice search feature in Prestashop android app maker offers the quickest product search.

8. User support

This is one of the most important features offered in Prestashop mobile app maker. The mobile apps have Zopim chat services which allow you to directly interact with the users. This not only solves the customer issues but also give the vibes of loyalty and professionalism in your users.

9. Direct marketing

Push notification service in Prestashop mobile apps can be a conversion booster for your business. Being a store owner we all know how tough is it to take your products to a wide range of users all over the world. Prestashop mobile app builder allows you to market your products to every place where you ever want to reach.  


10. Order Management

In the backend panel of Prestashop Android and iOS mobile app, there are all the options to manage the orders placed by the users. Even the applications display the complete order details along with the delivery status to the users.

Well, I hope you have got the idea now how Prestashop mobile app builder plugin can be a game changer for your business. I would suggest you opt for it as soon as possible if you really focused on increasing the conversions for your store.

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