Friday, 25 January 2019

Knowband Magento One Page Checkout Extension : Drive more sales and revenues with simpler checkout

Is the checkout process of your store frustrating your customers? Quickly implement a single page checkout on your store and kill off the checkout complications for your customers. Magento one page checkout extension from Knowband offers a seamless way to perform checkout at an eCommerce store by removing all the multiple checkout steps that have a high page loading time. Magento one step checkout is a feature-rich and highly customizable module which can be configured without requiring any codding efforts.

Key Features of Magento one page checkout extension

1. Magento one page supercheckout replaces the multi-level checkout with a single page checkout allowing customers to complete checkout details from the same page eliminating extra page loading time.
2. Magento quick checkout extension offers guest registration functionality which automatically registers the customer while they perform guest checkout at the store. It also sends the login password to on the user email.

3. Magento one step checkout module allows the customer to give their own password in the provided password field while they perform guest checkout. This is only allowed if Register guest with password option is enabled by the e-merchant.
4. Admin can set the default login method for the user on the frontend. This includes three options login, register, and guest. If the guest option is disabled, then it will not be shown on the frontend.

5. This Magento fast checkout extension allows admin to enable newsletter subscription. If this setting is ON, then the user is automatically subscribed to the store newsletters.
6. Magento one page checkout extension offers social login functionality to the users. Customers can easily login using their social account to complete the checkout process. The two social login options include Google and Facebook.

7. With Magento one step checkout module, admin can show any number of custom fields for payment address and shipping address of the customer. The fields can be shown and set required differently for the guest and logged in customers.

8. The address fields can be repositioned by simple drag and drag option from the backend panel of Magento one page supercheckout extension.
9. Magento fast checkout extension offers configurable shipping and payment methods. Admin can set an option as the default payment method or default shipping method.

10. Magento quick checkout extension offers configurable cart options. Admin can show different cart details to guest and logged in customers.

11. With Magento one step checkout, site admin can select any layout for one page checkout form out of two options: 2-column or 3-column.

12. The supercheckout page layout can be customized by simply dragging and dropping HTML blocks to desired position and section.
13. The responsive design feature of Magento one page checkout extension makes it compatible with different screens and devices.
14. This one page checkout extension Magento module is multi-lingual compatible.
15. With the image preview option in cart summary, the customer is able to check out the selected product along with its other details. They can also apply the coupon code to their cart products from the same checkout section.

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