Thursday, 24 January 2019

Knowband Prestashop One Page Checkout - Add customizable single page checkout on your site

If you want to achieve high conversions for your website, you have to first improve the buying experience of your customers. Prestashop One Page Checkout addon from Knowband incorporates an effortless way to complete the checkout for the customers. Prestashop fast checkout addon replaces the multiple levels of checkout with single page checkout, commonly referred to as supercheckout. Perplexed in the multi-step checkout process, your customers may lose their interest in product purchase and ultimately might exit from the store. To get them back to the store, Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon adds a responsive and intuitive way to checkout for the online shoppers that comfort them by eliminating the page loading time involved in various checkout steps. 

The email marketing service support by this Knowband module helps e-merchants in collecting user emails which can be used up for promotional purposes.

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout Features

1. Offer easy login with help of guest checkout feature of Prestashop One Page Checkout module. Once the feature is enabled, the customer need to register on the site to complete their order.

2. Prestashop simplified checkout addon allows admin to enable or disable guest registration option for their users. If enabled, the login credentials are emailed on their ID as they perform guest checkout at the store.

3. Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon automatically disables delivery address fields on the frontend for virtual products or downloadable products.

4. Admin can activate the test mode or the aggressive mode of the Prestashop One Page Checkout module in order to test its functionality before making them live on the store.

5. Admin can set the default login method out of three options as Login, Guest and Register with Single Page checkout module.

6. The look and feel of supercheckout page can be configured using this Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon. Likewise, Admin can change the button color, text color and border color of the one page checkout button using color picker tool provided at the backend.

7. With Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension, admin can also add custom CSS and JS code to extend the frontend functionalities of the store.

8. Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers social login options like Google+ and Facebook. Sign up and log in using social accounts eases the checkout experience for the customers. Admin can set the API key for the Google+ and Facebook account from the backend interface.

9. Prestashop simplified checkout addon supports inbuilt MailChimp integration which automatically syncs the email ID of the customers with the seller's account.

10. Prestashop admin can add custom address fields on Prestashop One Page Checkout. These fields can be edited, inserted, deleted and repositioned by simple drag and drop action.

11. Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon lets you show a Save Address button on single page checkout which saves the address of the customer for next purchases.

12. Prestashop One Page Supercheckout module offers a geotargeting feature which detects the country of the customer based on their IP and automatically fill-ups the country field of the checkout form.

13. Prestashop fast checkout addon offers Google Address Fill feature which shows location recommendations to the customer using Google Places Integration services. For this, the admin needs to set up the Google API key from the backend.

14. Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers configurable payment and shipping methods for the customer. Admin can set a default payment and shipping method from the backend.

15. This Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon offers ship2pay feature which showdowns payment methods based on the shipping method selected by the customer.

16. Prestashop One Page Checkout gives the flexibility to add various custom fields in various sections of the supercheckout page. These extra fields can be used to take extra information from the customers.

17. With Prestashop fast checkout addon, admin can customize and display a cart summary on the frontend. The different cart details can be separately enabled or disabled for the logged in and guest customers of the store.

18. Store admin can provide an option to customers for adding custom gift message along with their product. This message is visible to the admin from the backend.

19. Prestashop fast checkout addon supports GDPR compatibility.

20. Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension allows admin to show selected fields in a single row.

21. Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers an abandoned checkout stats feature through which the admin can get a statistical report of the order revenue earned and the abandoned revenue lost.

22. The checkout behaviour feature reports the admin about the behaviour of the customers while they were checking out. It specifically tells them which checkout steps the customers filled in a detailed percentage form, so the admin can track the ones which the customers are not willing to fill and can remove them.

23. The validation for CIF/DNI/NIF feature provides a validation check on the information filled by the customers of Spain.

Watch video tutorial to understand about Prestashop Supercheckout module

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