Thursday, 28 February 2019

Knowband Prestashop Social Messenger Addon: Add social chat support to your site

Most of the customers remain perplexed regarding the product description on the store. In order to get support to their various queries, Knowband's Prestashop Social Messenger Addon incorporates social messenger on the eCommerce store. By adding messenger functionalities to the site, customers can easily put their questions in front of the support team of that particular brand. With Facebook messenger and live chat addon, e-merchants can offer 24*7 live chat support to their customers directly from their recognized Facebook page.  Let see what all functionalities Prestashop social live chat support plugin from Knowband offers to you.

Features of Prestashop social messenger addon from Knowband

1. Prestashop live chat support addon adds live messenger on your website letting store merchants and customers interact with each other via Facebook.

2. Prestashop facebook messenger integration devises an effortless way for the FB users to get in touch with the brand through their Facebook page.
3. Enabling and disabling Prestashop messenger chat module for Prestashop store is extremely easy using the toggle button at the backend.
4. Prestashop facebook messenger integration allows admin to set the chat window theme and the messenger icon color using the color picker tool at the backend.
5. Admin can set the Facebook App ID and Facebook page ID to setup Prestashop facebook messenger integration for the store.
6. Prestashop social messenger addon supports multi-store compatibility and multi-lingual compatibility as well.
7. Prestashop messenger chat module for Prestashop store gives an option to display a logged in and logged out greeting message to the store customers via FB.

8. The greeting message delay time (in seconds) can be set from the backend of Facebook messenger and live chat addon.
9. The functionality of Prestashop social messenger addon can be added to selected pages of the website.

Benefits of Prestashop messenger chat module for Prestashop store

1. With Knowband's Messenger live chat module, sales and revenues can be considerably boosted by clearing off customer confusions and queries. 

2. Prestashop live chat support addon lays a way to build a relationship with the customers by providing 24*7 live chat support.

3. Live chat is a beneficial element for both e-merchants and customers.

4. By showing live chat support on the website store, online brands can leave a great impact on the minds of customers.

Get more help on install and configuration with Prestashop live chat support addon User Manual Click here for Admin demo and Front demo
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