Thursday, 21 February 2019

Offer Live Chat Support to the customers with Knowband’s Social messenger module for Magento

If you are an eCommerce store admin, then it is very important to offer the best support and service to the customers because customer support is one of the most important factors behind a successful eCommerce business. You can offer live chat support to the customers in order to increase customers trust over the website.  

Knowband offers Magento social messenger extension which allows integrating Facebook messenger on the website. This way, the online store admin can offer live chat support to the customers without even implementing any code changes. The customers can log in to the messenger and 

What this Magento facebook messenger integration extension offers to you:

  • Admin can showcase Facebook messenger: With the help of this Magento social live chat support plugin, the eCommerce store admin can display facebook messenger on the website.
Magento social live chat support plugin

  • Easy messenger integration: It is very easy to integrate facebook messenger. The admin just needs to enter facebook app id and facebook page id for integrating facebook messenger.   
  • Admin can set the Messenger theme color: The Magento social live chat support plugin provides an option to set the color of the social messenger from the admin interface. Admin can also show the default color of the messenger by skipping this setting.
  • Full control: The store admin has full control over showing the messenger on the website. Admin can show messenger on every website page or selected pages. The admin can select from the homepage, category page, contact us page, cart page, account page etc.
Magento social live chat support plugin

  • Display Messenger on error pages: The store admin can also show the messenger on error pages in order to get details about any page load error or service unavailability error.
  • Greeting message: You can also display a greeting message to the customers in order to grab their attention. The Magento live chat support module allows the store admin to show greeting message to the logged in and logged out customers.
  • Multi-lingual compatibility: The Magento Messenger live chat extension is multi-lingual SSL compatible.
  • No Code Changes required: There is no need to change even a single line of codes in order to implement Magento social messenger extension.

Magento social live chat support plugin

This way, the eCommerce store admin can offer live chat functionality on the eCommerce store without any complicated implementation. It is very easy to implement this Magento facebook messenger integration extension. The customers can ask their queries and concerns easily using messenger chat option. The admin can resolve the customer's concerns in the meantime which increase the customer's trust on the website. This communication develops a relationship between customers and store admin. 

Magento social live chat support plugin

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