Monday, 25 February 2019

Save Customer Time: Knowband's Prestashop Voice Search and Typing Addon

Make product browsing faster and easier with Knowband's Prestashop Voice Search Addon. Searching by typing went an old concept with the advent of voice search. E-commerce site owners took their initiative and introduced the search by typing feature on their store in order to improve customer experience and convert it into a smart experience actually. This Prestashop Search By Voice Module allows the store users to search for random products or categories just by speaking on the microphone of their mobile device, tablet, or system. Not just searching, this Knowband addon also made form filling easier for the users.

Key Features of Prestashop Voice Command module

1. Prestashop Voice Recognition System by Knowband recognizes the user's voice and responds by searching out the relevant results to the corresponding query.

2. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon offers a simple and clean interface to understand and execute.

3. Prestashop Voice Recognition System can be implemented to registration and checkout page of the site. Hence making the customer experience even better.

4. Enabling and disabling the voice search feature by this Prestashop addon is effortlessly simple.

5. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon allows the user to speak queries on the microphone which helps the user to fill up the search field without typing.

6. Prestashop Voice Search module is compatible with the Chrome web browser.

7. Prestashop Voice Recognition System works on SSL enabled sites.

8. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon is multi-lingual compatible.

9. Voice Searching can be enabled/disabled for desktops and hand-held devices (tablets, mobile phone).

10. Prestashop Voice Recognition System can be enabled/disabled for search bar shown at the top of the website.

11. Admin can facilitate voice recognition system on the personal information form, address form, guest checkout form and contact us form of their site.

12. Prestashop Search By Voice Module offers voice focus feature which automatically focuses customer's voice without pressing the microphone button.

Admin Benefits of Voice Search addon

1. Voice search and typing considerably improves customer engagement on the store.

2. Prestashop Search By Voice Module offers an easy backend interface to install and configure functionalities.

3. Voice search advances the shopping experience of the customers.

How are customers benefitted with Prestashop Voice Recognition System?

1. Prestashop Voice Command module optimizes the overall web content and allows multi-tasking while the customer is browsing products on the store.

2. Prestashop Voice Recognition System empowers them to instantly get reply for their query.

3. Prestashop Search By Voice Module creates your website mobile-friendly and voice-friendly as well.

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