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PrestaShop Search Auto Complete Module | Knowband

We have seen over the years how Google starts suggesting results even before you have typed your complete search query. This is what we generally call as Auto Search or Search as you type. Today, customers expect the same from e-commerce stores as well.

Why auto search is the need for e-commerce platforms today?

For an e-commerce store, it is important to guide visitors to the right products while they type their search query. A poor search experience can make a visitor take an instant exit from your store and he/she might never return to your store again. This can create a drastic effect on your conversion and drop down your revenue heavily.

Things seem to be easy in an offline store. Everything is categorized and visible right in front of your eyes. You know what you need and where it will be. You also have the store managers to guide you.

But it is not exactly the same case with an online store. Products might be categorized but it can take time to find relevant products. How can this be taken care of?  Effective search is the key here.

Prestashop quick search addon

In order to enhance the purchasing experience of the visitors on your store, Knowband offers Prestashop Search Auto suggest addon that understands visitors' search queries and presents a sorted and a relevant list of products in front of them.

As soon as visitors start typing their query in the search box,  it starts displaying a number of relevant results and helps visitors to quickly find their desired product.

The aim of any e-commerce store owner is to increase conversions and it is only possible if you could make your customers easily find what they are looking for in your store. With Prestashop search suggest module, you can save the time of your customers, guide them to their desired product and increase sales.

Key features of Prestashop Search Auto-suggest addon

1. Show/Hide product price

Prestashop search auto complete module provides you the option to display or hide the product price in the search results.

2. Search with product name and category

Allow your customers to search for their desired product by typing the product name or its category with Prestashop fast search addon. The search bar displays results as drop down list with images instantly.

PrestaShop auto suggest General settings

3. Set the limit of your search results

Prestashop search suggestion module allows you to fix a limit for the number of search results to appear at a time. Let's say the limit is set to 5, then the search bar will suggest only 5 results.

4. Choose the minimum number of letters for the search bar to start suggesting results

This feature of Prestashop fast search plugin asks you to set a minimum limit of the letters, following which the auto search bar will start functioning. Suppose a customer is searching for a shirt on your store, if you have chosen the minimum letters limit to be 3, then as soon as the customer types 'shi', the results will start appearing.

5. Display product and category in the search box

When a user searches for a product, Prestashop search complete addon also displays, to which category the product belongs.

6. Highlight stock status

Prestashop search complete addon allows you to filter the product search results based on the stock status and the quantity. You can choose whether you want to display only the products that are in stock or you can opt to display out of stock products as well.

PrestaShop auto suggest search settings

7. Define a quantity range for the products to appear in the search results

You can define a quantity range for your products to appear in the search results. For example, if the quantity range is set from 5 to 10, then on a visitor's search, the results related to that product will only be displayed if that product's quantity on your store lies between 5 to 10.

8. Customize your search bar

Make your search bar more appealing by choosing your heading's font color as well as its background color. Choose a highlighting color for the searched keyword.

9. Analyze your search statistics

Prestashop quick auto search plugin helps you analyze your users' search queries. Under "Search Statistics", you can check what keyword your users have searched and how many times it has been searched. It also displays the analysis in the form of a pie chart.

Search Statistics

Apart from these features, the Prestashop auto correct search addon is
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • SSL compatible
  • Multi-store compatible
  • Compatible with all themes
This way, the online store merchant can use this Prestashop search suggestion module and show search suggestions to the customers. The Prestashop auto correct search addon is highly featured and makes the overall implementation easy for the store admin. The Prestashop quick auto search plugin can show search suggestions from products or categories. The eCommerce store merchant can set the highlighted text color, show thumbnail image and product price along with the product suggestions. The online merchant can also show a heading of categories/products and also set the look and feel of this heading. The Prestashop quick search addon is mobile responsive, multi-lingual compatible and multi-store compatible.

Prestashop quick search addon


Prestashop auto correct search addon avoids the process of typing a  complete query in the search bar. Only the first few letters will get the job done for your customers. A quick search, when relevant, allows your customers to checkout quickly from your store. Do give this a try on your Prestashop store.

Watch Video Tutorial of Prestashop Search Auto-Suggest

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