Thursday, 12 December 2019

Knowband : Prestashop Image Search | Simplify Visitor Search

Save the expensive time of your customers by letting them search the products by just uploading an image at your store homepage. The machine learning system of Prestashop Image Search Addon by Knowband, recognizes the image uploaded by a customer and displays the keywords related to the image. Save the browsing time of your store customers and enhance their search experience using Prestashop Image Search Addon by Knowband. Let your customers upload similar photos or images from their mobile or desktop and see relevant products for the search.

Offered Features by Prestashop Image Search module

1. Prestashop Image Search Addon detects the image uploaded by the customer and provides relevant image results to the customer.

2. Search Products by Image module allows the customer to search your store products just by uploading the image.

3. You can enable or disable the image search option on the search bar at your storefront.

4. Prestashop Image Search module allows you to enable or disable the visual same search button on the product pages.

5. You can enable or disable the Automatic Image Sync feature of the Prestashop Image Recognition System. By enabling the feature, new images are automatically synced to the Clarifai account.

6. You can set a threshold percentage that will be used to match the uploaded image with the search results.

7. Prestashop Image Search module allows you to set the number of products that will be shown per search result page.

8. Search Products by Image functionality requires you to set the API key from the backend.

9. Prestashop Image Recognition System provides details of unmapped image listing along with their error description.

10. The Prestashop Image Search module is multi-store and multi-lingual compatible.

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