Monday, 24 May 2021

How OpenCart Marketplace Extension by Knowband can boost the sales of your store?

OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace by Knowband is the ideal way to answer for all the eCommerce store owner who is planning to grow their online businesses. The OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension offers the most simplified way for the online store owner to amplify their store reach. Both the vendors and admin get individual dashboards to deal with their profile. To put it plainly, the OpenCart Marketplace module permits you to have an online shopping mall just by upgrading your eCommerce site into Multi-Seller Marketplace. 

Administrator Benefits of Knowband's OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension 

1.) The OpenCart multi-seller marketplace owner can change over an OpenCart store into a completely feature-rich marketplace just by following a couple of steps.

2.) OpenCart marketplace module offers a simple interface to the administrator to accept/oppose the vendor's profile request.

3.) The OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace module permits the store owner to monitor all the multi-seller marketplace activities and track the e-dealers account requests and items on their site from the backend. 

4.) The administrator can designate classes of the site to the dealers with the assistance of the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace. 

5.) Store admin can view, approve or reject from the back-finish of the OpenCart Marketplace module. 

6.) The storekeepers get their profit through commissions. The OpenCart multi-seller marketplace module permits the store administrator to fix the commissions according to their need. The commission acquired from the merchant's end can be seen from the administrator interface of the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace module. 

7.) OpenCart multi-seller marketplace admin gives the transaction, commission, seller earnings chart of the exchanges of the store. 

8.) The administrator gets more than 20 email templates and can send email alerts to the merchants through OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace Module.

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