Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Magento E-Commerce Plugin That Can Bring Buyers And Sellers At A Single Platform

It would definitely be a great help to numerous buyers and sellers community if your eCommerce store can provide them a single platform for buying as well as selling products online. But, this is not just a wish as now any Magento store can act as a marketplace effortlessly by installing this amazing Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace on their eCommerce store. All this has been possible because of our business organization, Knowband  that has been dealing in the field of eCommerce plugins or extensions for various platforms like Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart. It is a wonderful plugin for everyone be it the community of buyers, sellers or store admin. Let us explain you why this e- commerce extension has been hugely lapped up by various business organizations of the world.

A perfect place for store admin to explore their creativity- With the help of this plugin, store admin can effortlessly perform various crucial tasks on their Magento store without any hiccups. Here is the list of few tasks that can be performed with the help of this extension without any trouble.

- Seamless monitoring and management of the sellers accounts.

- Power to approve/disapprove any request made by the sellers for adding products.

- Effective maintenance of the commission amount, rates or percentage for the seller community.

- Complete analysis of the seller transactions.

- Easy enabling or disabling of the seller account by store admin through admin panel of this module.

- Impose restrictions on sellers about adding products on the allowed product categories only.

A vast godown of numerous features for the huge community of buyers and sellers- This multi purpose Magento plugin has huge opportunities and features for the vast community of buyers and sellers also. Due to this, buyers as well as sellers will love to engage on this eCommerce platform for improving their business fortunes. Take a look at the various features that are being provided by this Magento module to its buyers and sellers.   


- Quick registration of the seller through the front end of the plugin with the help of the “Register as Seller” option.

- Highly user friendly interface for sellers to manage their account profile and product details like quantity, price, product addition and other such features.

- Easy account maintenance for sellers due to the front end login facility.

- Seamless tracking and analysis of the sales information for sellers with the use of graphs.

- Hassle free addition of the banner, shop logo and other custom HTML content on the vendor page under the separate product collection.

- Effective customization of the product category for adding multiple products, special price, enabling/disabling of product and other such actions.

- Interactive interface for sellers for getting easy access to their sales report, income information, revenue per order and sold items.

- Faster integration of the social media links on the sellers page.

- Facility of making category and sub category request through seller admin panel.


- Allow buyers an easy access to the sellers list available on the marketplace along with the ratings.

- Easy search facility for buyers to locate sellers.

- Seamless access to the complete details of each and every seller.

- Facilitates quick viewing of the related products from the same seller on each and every product page.

- Effortless transformation facility for buyers to turn into sellers.

- Customizable email subject and body content through back end.

By making a close analysis of the various features and services provided by this Magento marketplace extension to store admin, buyers and sellers, it can be easily interpreted that this eCommerce plugin is a win- win situation for everyone. So, don't wait to transform your Magento store into a marketplace and surf our eCommerce website, to purchase this module so as to avail its rich benefits for your eCommerce organization.

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