Monday, 8 February 2016

Time to Reinvent your Shipping Services for boosting your E-Commerce sales

Time to reinvent your shipping services for boosting your eCommerce sales | Knowband
Include a reliable shipping provider on your online store for better customer engagement and conversions.

E-Commerce industry is booming and the revenues of bigger giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart and such others have crossed the billion dollars mark. This segment is growing by leaps and bounds and have surpassed the sales barrier in terms of geographical boundaries, linguistic difference, ethnicity and other such metrics. But, often, in this tough race to grab a major share in this ever growing business segment, shipping services are often neglected. This may seem to be a trivial issue but it can have severe repercussions on the overall growth and business expansion of your company to a great extent. If you are eager to know how shipping services can be a game changer for your company, let us unravel the mystery for you. 

1. They are a hallmark of your commitment towards your customers- No online shoppers would like their ordered products to be delivered to them in shambles or bits. However, this can be possible only if your shipping service provider is a reliable name in delivering products/services to your targeted customers. Include a trustworthy shipping provider that is accountable to your customers for safe and secure product delivery. 

2. Shipping carriers helps in boosting the confidence of shoppers- Include popular and reliable names in the shipping services on your online store for making your customers feel more confident while doing online shopping. It is often seen that absence of an effective shipping provider is one of the primary reasons for that increasing shopping cart abandonments which could deter the reputation and brand identity of your store.  

3. Showcase the detailed information about your shipping services and calculate the shipping charges for your customers if possible- More number of online shoppers are complaining that they are often kept in the dark when it comes to the information related to the shipping charges. It would be a huge relief for them if you can reveal the detailed information about your shipping charges along with the related cost. To accomplish this crucial task, you can take the help of amazing eCommerce extensions from Knowband that can improve the shopping experience on your eCommerce store. 

4. Shipping services can help in achieving various KPIs- The success of an eCommerce store is dependent on numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) like site traffic, eCommerce conversion rates, customer engagement and other such factors. With the support of a reliable shipping provider, you can achieve many of these KPIs with great ease. Don't take them lightly as they have the potential to change the course of your business growth.

5. They can provide you an unprecedented business lead among your rivals- There needs to be a USP element in your eCommerce services as there are numerous competitors down the lane. You need to be different from your rivals in order to grab the instant customer attention and conversion rates for your online store. Your shipping services can be that game changer that can provide a unique look and an unprecedented lead to your company in terms of product sales and eCommerce conversion rates

If you have been lagging behind in sales, customer engagement and conversions, rejuvenate your business chances by including an effective shipping services on your online store. Don’t fall into the trap of under- estimating the effectiveness of shipping services for improving your business fortunes. It is time to pay adequate attention on them to save your store from the severe repercussions of an unreliable and ineffective shipping service provider.              

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