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Accomplish consistent checkout process with this OpenCart One Page Checkout Module

We have seen that some websites ask their buyers to fill a very lengthy checkout form for completing a given order. Buyers do not prefer filling out any lengthy checkout forms. For an efficient eCommerce business, you need to analyze the potential of your checkout process. Your checkout process might be the reason why you are getting very few conversions. These complex checkout processes are one of the main reasons why shopping carts get abandoned. It is imperative that you integrate a very simple and engaging check out process for your store. OpenCart One Page Checkout plugin from Knowband store is the solution to all your checkout issues.

OpenCart One Page Checkout module | Knowband

OpenCart One Page Checkout plugin is an eCommerce extension developed by Knowband plugin development services. It is a mobile responsive One Page Checkout module with facility to integrate Facebook/Google+, multiple shipping and payment methods.

Features of OpenCart One Page Checkout module

OpenCart One Page Checkout module is a highly reliable eCommerce extension which has its benefits for both; the customer as well as the admin. Some of the features of this module are as follows:

1. Fully loaded admin panel- 

The admin panel of this module has been designed to be a fully functional and feature loaded module which provides various functionalities to customize your website and module in a convenient manner. It allows the admin to modify the design and layout of checkout page and also gives the access to hide and show a particular checkout field in the form.

2. Rich design layout-

We have limited the number of pages required for a checkout process by including the checkout information and product information on the same page. A table style layout has been utilized to place the check out information which makes the modification and designing of checkout pages very handy.

3. Integrated social media login-

The checkout process has been further reduced by the integration of social networking login options. This feature allows a customer to login by using his/ her Facebook or Google account and avoid the manual filling of details as details on these sites can be easishopping cart abandonmently auto-filled using the information from social media profile.

4. Option to add HTML content-

This module provides you with the facility to add HTML contents on the checkout page. This feature could be utilized to customize the default design of the page. You can add promotional contents like coupons and banners to offer exciting deals and offers for customers.

5. Cross platform responsiveness-

50% of total visitors on a website use mobile platforms to surf. A large number of conversions could be lost, if your website is not optimized for viewing on the mobile platforms. This module has been designed to be responsive for all the various platforms which a customer can use. Pages are optimized to view on mobile, laptop and tablet platform.

6. Elegant representation of product image with details-

One page Check module also provides a section where you can view the products in your cart with a rich quality of image accompanying the particulars of the added product.

7. Supports multiple payment and shipping methods-

To help customers with an enjoyable shopping experience, we have tried to include almost all of the payments and shipping methods like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, etc. Apart from this, the payments methods included in the module are Paypal, Sage pay, Mollie and more for a seamless checkout experience.

Outlining major benefits of OpenCart One Page Checkout plugin

1. Quick and secure checkout process.

2. Facility to log in using social network account.

3. Product image could be seen in cart selection.

4. Customers can add coupon code in checkout page itself.

5. Option to change the product quantity while on the checkout page.

6. Compatible with all devices and browsers.

This module is a Wonderful choice for OpenCart stores who are looking to improve their checkout functionality. So, grab this module from our Knowband store.

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