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How one page checkout optimizes your conversion rates?

How one page checkout optimizes your conversion rates? | Knowband
One page checkout is an effective CRO strategy.

While grabbing more visitors on your website is the first priority, their contribution in optimizing your conversion rates is what that exactly counts. In order to ensure a seamless experience for the visitor it is important to make sure that his/her entry and exit should be as smooth as possible. In this regards, the effectiveness and efficiency of a one page checkout is what we will be discussing here.

What is one page checkout? 

Before we learn about how a one page checkout optimizes your conversion rates, we need to understand what actually it is? A one page checkout refers to a smooth online purchasing process where the visitor on your website after deciding to purchase a product fills certain necessary information like name, address, pin code, mobile number etc. to complete the final product purchasing process. The whole checkout process is compacted into a single page architecture, unlike the generic checkout pages with multi-page architecture.

How it can help you in conversion rate optimization practices ? 

To understand the effectiveness of a one page checkout, we can visualize the analogy of a supermarket where customers are seen attracted towards the counter with shortest queue or the one with an efficient and fast cashier. In a similar way a one page checkout act as that counter which attracts more visitors to its side and thus optimizes the overall conversion rates for you store.

It is normal human tendency to follow the path which is less turbulent or smooth. In e-commerce where the whole idea is only to make the visitors, experience as smooth, adoption of these effective checkout techniques plays a crucial role. Here you can deploy various plugins for your website based on the CMS platform you are using for your website. Say, there are extensions like Magento’s super checkout, OpenCart’s one page checkout and other checkout plugins of various other CMS platform’s that can help in optimizing the online shopping experience of your web store.

One page checkout and conversion rate optimization practices 

After doing away with the basic understanding about the one page checkout process, we will now look into how it actually optimizes your conversion rates.

  • Allows the visitor to easily track his progress through the checkout process which allows him/her to transact more freely and effectively. 
  • Prevents the user from the hassle of frequent redirects and multiple page checkouts. which can create user frustration and cart abandonment. 
  • Eliminates the scope for unnecessary information which usually is of no use in most of the cases. 
  • Better customer satisfaction as he/she enjoys a smooth sail throughout your website. 
  • More customer visits and conversions will automatically add to the popularity of your websites on the internet which will result in higher search engine rankings and further scaling of profits. 


Keeping an eye on the fierce battle in the e-commerce sector today, one can not overlook the importance of making the visitor’s experience on your website a worth remembering one. Here the importance of a smoother checkout can’t be bogged down as it is the critical link in the conversion rate optimization chain.

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