Friday, 3 February 2017

What are the pros and cons of having a One-Page Checkout for your website?

A single page checkout is what that has been working effectively in combating the menace of cart abandonment. By cutting the time and energy to be invested by the customer, it makes the process smoother and easier for the customer. Most of the eCommerce websites have already restored to the same and many are in the line of adoption. However, as each thing has it’s pros and cons, so is the one-page checkout. Before you should go on to adopt the feature for your website, we will here provide you with a critical analysis of the one-page checkout.

Pros of one-page checkout 

Pros of one-page checkout | Knowband
You can adopt the feature by simply installing an appropriate module.

Let us first take a look at the benefits of one-page checkout.

1. Ease of operation: The one thing it brings in for sure is the ease of operation for the customer. More often than not, we have seen a cart going into abandonment mode at the transaction stages. The reason being lengthy checkout process and the long wait for loading. A one-page checkout thus saves a certain portion of your abandon carts.

2. Simplification of the process: Another thing which the one-page checkout ensures is the simplification of the entire process. Most of us like to have a clear cut and simplified process when we are transacting online. Moreover, it is also the motto of online shopping to make transaction quick, smooth and easy. Thus, a single page checkout keeps up the spirit of this motto.

3. Consumer satisfaction: By taking care of the above-mentioned things, it generates an environment where the customer can feel satisfied with his/her experience on your website. This one thing is what every business set-up in the world wants to achieve as it lays a path for their conversion to latch on.

Cons of one-page checkout 

Though not many, the cons of the feature are what you should be aware of before making a move.

1. Compatibility with javascript: Some of the one page checkouts use JavaScript as a major constituent of their ingredients of coding. They would not work without JavaScript. If the JavaScript is disabled on your browser, then it might not be able to perform as fluently as expected.

2. Time and cost: Implementation of Ajax will require some sufficient time in development. Like JavaScript Ajax is used in one page checkouts to relieve the pain of frequent page reloading. This would escalate the cost of investment and effort of the coders. Thus, some out of pocket arrangements have to be done in case you are having a fiscal strain.

3. The Function won’t behave as expected: Since Ajax does not reload a page to update content, the browser’s back button will not bring the user back to an early step in the checkout as might be expected. There is work around, but it requires more development time.

Final say 

The above discussion might have provided you with a critical analysis of having a Magento one-page checkout feature for your website. You can now make informed decision to enhance the usability of your website. On the whole, the cons in one page checkout does not seem to give any fatal issue while missing a one page checkout might cost you conversions. Because, the benefits of an one page checkout can easily overlap the cons. Moreover, there are a large number of researches already going on to eradicate these cons.

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