Wednesday, 8 November 2017

6 Effective Modules to Make Instant Conversions

The market is growing at rapid rate. Not even the eCommerce store owners’ wants to make fast conversions but the customers also want to make instant purchase. It has led the eCommerce store owners to make the purchase option easy and faster for the customers. The availability of such features attract the customers to the web store and at the same time also provides the web stores to provide better services to the customers. The advantage of providing the customers with instant option of making purchase saves the customers a lot of time and efforts and the web stores also drive a traffic to successful conversions immediately.

According to a survey, the rate of conversions falls significantly with the more time a customer spends in the web store. Thus, making sure the customer’s demands are fulfilled immediately by the web store is the key to successful conversions. There are multiple options available for the customers in order to make an instant buy from the OpenCart web store. In order to get a better knowledge of some of these options let us take a look.

Social login

Opencart Social Login Module

One of the most important way in order to make sure that the customers gets an easy access to the web store is by making sure that they don’t have to go through the lengthy process of filling out the lengthy forms for entering the web store. Thus, providing the customers with instant access to the web store. The Social login module is an important aspect in this regard. It helps the customers to enter the web store without having to enter their full details in the web store but by using their already saved login details from any other social media platform. The instant access provided to the customers will make sure that they browse the web store. It is seen that almost 23% of the customers exit the web store after they have been asked for the login details from the web store which ultimately lowers the conversions

Ajax cart

Opencart Ajax cart

The Ajax cart module is one of the new concept that has been introduced by the web store owners. In order to make sure that the customers are aware of all the products that they made a purchase on the web store they can make use of the Ajax cart. The cart shows the customers with the details of all the items that are in their cart. He web store provided the customers with the option to edit/remove products from the cart easily. Additionally, if the customer wish to apply any coupon code or promo code than they are free to do so. The Ajax cart makes sure that the customers are directly landed on to the conversion page without having to go through additional pages.

One page checkout

Opencart One page checkout

The one page checkout is one of the major aspect that every customers is looking in the web store. The One page checkout module makes sure that the customers doesn’t have to go through a number of ages to fill out different details in order to make a checkout from the web store. The customers van make use of one page checkout which have all the details that are required by the web store in order to complete the transaction of the customers. This saves the customers a lot of time and at the same also helps in making better conversions.

Make an offer

Opencart Make an offer

The make an offer module is a newly added feature. It allows the customers to negotiate the price with the web store owners. The web store owners have complete control if they want to make the sale of the product on such a price. The module helps in making instant sale of the product t the customers. As the customer will opt to negotiate the price with the web store owners only after they feel comfortable in making the payment of the product in the stated price. It is relatively customer oriented but the store owner can anytime decline the offers if they don’t find it beneficial for them.

Deal Timer

The deal timer module is another conversion making idea. The customers are always excited to make a purchase on the products once they feel that the deals they are getting are the best. In this efforts the web store owners can make use of the deal timer. The deal timer sets a clock along worth the special price of the product for the time. It is quite effective tool in making sure that the customers are attracted to the offers and they make immediate decisions to make a purchase. The deal timer not only helps the web store to make sale as per the offer but the timer plays crucial role in determining the decision of the customers.

Exit pop up

Opencart Exit pop up

Most of the time, the web store cannot be sure if the customer is willing to make a purchase on the product or not. As the decision of the customer is quite oscillating, if at any point the customer feel like not making the purchase than they can exit the web store and abandon the cart. Therefore, it becomes important for the webs tore owners to make sure that the customer are brought back to their cart and made offers to complete their purchase. Therefore, the exit pop up helps the web store in making sure that the customers complete their transaction on the web store The exit pop up modules pop ups better deal and discounts on the products and the customers are again redirected to web store in order to avail the offers.

Over to You

The web store can make use of various options in order to make instant conversions from the web store. The customer needs to be redirected for better conversions. Thus, the web store owner must grab every opportunity to get a better conversion from every lead that showed an interest in making a purchase.

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