Monday, 13 November 2017

How to Build an M-Commerce Store that Outshines Others?

The eCommerce retailers have a numerous ways to connect with the buyers these days. With the multiple options available the task of marketing has become relatively easier but at the same time the use of proper medium is still a concern for them. If the online stores want to make better sales and grow at a rapid rate than they need a proper and trending approach to reach out to the user. In a recent survey it has been found that the popularity of the mobile apps has surpassed the popularity of desktop sites by a large number. This shows a rise in the popularity of mobile phones ass a medium to make purchase.

This shows an increase in demand of m-commerce for the store owners. The easy availability of mobile phones and their utility to access the web stores has made it easier for the eCommerce store owners to connect with them. All they need to do is make their own app for the store. For this purpose they can use mobile app maker and get the app ready in simple steps. The web stores can get the app as per their store compatibility if their store works on Magento extension than they can use Magento mobile app builder or if their store is based on Prestashop extension they can use Prestashop mobile app builder likewise.

The important discussion here is to build an m-commerce store that is equally interactive and provides the customers with features that engages them in the store and makes them to purchase better. The main idea is to provide a better platform to the users and enhance their shopping experience. Below discussed are some points that may help in developing an m-commerce store which would outshine other stores and help in gaining better customers.

Establish your brand guidelines

brand guidelines

The time has gone when customers were restricted in making a purchase from big brands. Now they seek attention and at the same time go through a series of checks about the brand, voice and style.  Instead, customers want to feel like they intimately know a brand and the people behind it. They want to feel a personal, human connection to the brands and people they buy from. They want to feel like the brands they buy products from actually care about them, as opposed to simply wanting their money. Thus before establishing the m-commerce a better research on how to operate the store and what are the basic guidelines set that makes you unique from your customers must be set. These are the techniques that once used by bigger brands has help them gain the position that they sit on right now.

Engage and sell

Engage and sell

The web stores now compete to gain the customers that you are looking for. Therefore, it becomes important to decide what different are you doing from them. The m-commerce can see a great success by making sure they are engaging with their customers first and after gaining their trust the process of making sales is easy. The use of brand promotion using Facebook advertisements and other campaigns must be done so that the customers actively learn about your store. The foremost thing that is needed in order to ensure that customer believes in your product is by making them trust that you want to see the customers happy, healthy and be productive. The use of content marketing can be done by writing blogs and posts on different mediums.

Simplicity is the key

Simplicity is the key

The process of shopping can be annoying if the customers find that they are investing a lot more time than usual to make a purchase. Try to keep the store layout clean and easy to understand. A simple layout will provide the easy understanding of the different features and the visitors won’t have to do the math in order to make a purchase. Additionally making use of some of the features such as social login and one page simplified checkout adds to the simplicity of the store. The m-commerce is gaining popularity not because of the better reach of the mobile phones but due to the easy and fast transactions that they are able to make using the mobile apps. Therefore, incorporating the app with simple navigational features will help in making your store unique.

Promote the product using videos

Product Videos

One of the factor that highly determines the customer’s engagement with the mobile app is the visibility of the product page. The mobile app must provide a better description of the product in the product page. It has been seen that most of the stores make use of just product images when it comes to provide product description but I order to gain better customer attention, the mobile apps must also be provided with the video description of the product. It helps in better understanding of the product and generally the visitors like to have a better look on the product using the video feature.

Address the customer

Address the customer

The app will be appreciated by the customers if they are addressed in their own comfort zone. The mobile app will prove to be of more utility if the customers can access it in their local language. Therefore, the multi-lingual feature must be provided with the app that helps the customers to easily navigate around the store and wouldn’t have to take any additional assistance. Another thing that the m-commerce can come in advantage would be by addressing the particular customers and prioritize their preferences based on their search history and thee product selection from past experiences. These things surely help in generating a loyal customer base and distinguishes your app from others.

Over to You

Therefore in order to distinguish the store which outshines others the owners must try to work on basic points because building the trust is important part to optimize the decision of the customer. Apart, from that product promotion also plays a crucial role in deciding the uniqueness of the store.

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