Thursday, 28 February 2019

How Magento Marketplace Extension is a boon to eCommerce business?

With the increased influence of online shopping and technical advancements, eCommerce industry is heading towards immense success by every passing day. Users are getting more indulged in online shopping rather than visiting physical stores. Being a seller, it’s important to understand these technical advancements and convert their local store into an online business.

Although there are many sellers who own an eCommerce website and selling their products online. However, this idea of advancement has been taken into action by many sellers resulting in high competence level. Sellers started selling their products on some renowned Marketplaces which made them earn good sales and revenues. However, the terms and conditions set by a Marketplace made difficult for sellers to achieve their goals.

This led to many sellers change their way of selling online and converted themselves into a marketplace owner. The idea of this advancement provided a platform to the small sellers and helped them to enhance their brand image too.

KnowBand offers Magento Marketplace Extension Which provides you a hassle free approach in converting your eCommerce website to a Marketplace. It’s seamless technology helps sellers in the easy conversion of their eCommerce website into a Marketplace. Sellers can easily download and install it on their website without any knowledge of coding and technicalities to become a Marketplace owner. Store admin can allow many third party sellers to list their products and on the other hand admin can charge the commission to sellers to make good profits.

Features offered to store admin by Magento Marketplace Extension:

1.Store admin can create and manage the product categories from the back-end of Magento Multi vendor Marketplace Extension.

2.The Magento Marketplace extension by KnowBand provides multi-store compatibility feature. It can be used on different sites or domains which are sharing the single Magento installation.

3.The Magento Marketplace is multi vendor compatible and can be used with all the latest Magento version and supports all themes.

4.The Magento Multi vendor marketplace extension allows admin to approve or disapprove the seller’s request from the backend itself.

5.The Magento Multi vendor Marketplace Extension allows the admin to select the categories to be shown on the front end of the website.

6.Admin can add or remove the products listed by seller from the back-end of the Magento marketplace Multi-vendor module.

7.Admin can easily set and manage the commission charged to the sellers with the help of Magento marketplace Extension.

8.The Magento store owner can track the transaction and earning at the button click from the backend of Magento Marketplace Extension.

9.Admin has the authority to manage the reviews of the product by approving or deleting them from the backend of the Magento Multi vendor Marketplace plugin.

10.The Magento Marketplace Extension offers admin the authority to set the transaction type for any seller from the backend of the module itself.

Features offered to sellers by Magento Marketplace Extension:

1.The Magento multi vendor marketplace allows the sellers to register in the online marketplace.

2.With the help of Magento Marketplace Extension, sellers can easily map the categories and products on the marketplace website without any hassle.

3.The Magento Marketplace Extension provides an uncluttered front end design of the marketplace which offers a flawless business experience to sellers and also lures the shopping experience of customers.

4.The seller’s dashboard makes it easier for the sellers to track and manage their products, profile as well as sale with the help of Magento Multi vendor Marketplace module.

5.With the help of Magento Marketplace Extension, sellers can request for including a new category to store admin. The marketplace admin has full authority to approve or disapprove the request with the help of the Magento multi-vendor marketplace Extension.

6.Seller has the authority to generate coupons for his products from the back-end itself of the Magento Marketplace Extension.

7.Admin can enable ticket system with the help of which customers can directly contact sellers from the front end of the Marketplace via Magento Marketplace Extension.

8.The Magento Marketplace Extension allows sellers to add their social networking profile like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram on their profile from seller’s dashboard.

9.The Magento Multivendor Marketplace Extension allows sellers to assign tax class to the items in order to differentiate taxable and non taxable products.

10.The Magento Multi vendor Marketplace plugin offers sellers to display cross sell and up sell products at the checkout page and product page respectively. This primarily helps sellers to increase the sale of their products.


Although there are many ways to sell online, but creating your own Marketplace won’t hurt your sales. However, whether you are selling through an eCommerce website or Marketplace, it’s important to increase the traffic and sales on your website. So, always remain aware about the daily advancements and keep implementing some new startegies to convert traffic into good leads.

Today’s world is moving on handheld devices for any online purpose. Seller should be able to reach customer’s comfort zone to ensure higher sales and growth. Knowband offers Advanced Magento Marketplace mobile app plugin to build a fully-functional marketplace and a mobile app at same time for your store.
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