Monday, 11 February 2019

Knowband Magento Block User Extension: Protect your store from malicious bots and users

Magento Block User Extension is one most needed tool for any Magento website which blocks the malicious access via spam bots and users. Whenever a user visits your Magento site, some site resources are consumed in handling their request. If bulk visitors are crawling your site and consuming resources at the same time, your server you run out of resources and might lead to a crash behavior. Therefore, it is important to install and run Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension on the site which can help to prevent unnecessary site accesses by blocking spam bots. Magento spam blocker extension displays a custom error message to the banned users of the store. Let us understand more about this module with the listed features and benefits.

Key Features of Magento block user/bot by IP, country or user agent extension by Knowband

1. Magento Block User by IP Extension blocks the suspected IP address of the spam bots or users. If required, admin can block a complete range of IP addresses also.

2. Magento Block User/bot by country extension blocks all users of a particular country based on the selection done by the merchant where they don't want to offer their site products and services. 

3. Magento Block User/bot by User Agent Extension gives a flexible option to block the users based on their user agent like Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, MSN bot, Facebook etc.

4. The functionality of the Magento Block User module from Knowband can be easily controlled by quickly enabling and disabling the module using the toggle switch at the backend.

5. The store merchant can create new banishments, modify and delete the existing ones from the backend of Magento IP Spam Blocker extension and without any coding efforts.
6. With Magento spam blocker extension, admin can display a custom block message to the blocked users of the store. Admin can even add a link in the block message if they want to redirect the users on some other page.
7. With the help of Magento Block Bot module, admin can display a header and footer content on the frontend to the banned users of the store. 

8. Magento Block User Extension offers a simple view to the store merchants where they can view, manage and approve/reject the unblocking requests sent by the banned users. 

9. Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension offers simple installation and configuration to admins which requires no coding skills to implement.
10. The store merchant is not required to make any modifications in the source code while implementing the blocker functionality of Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin.
11. Magento spam blocker extension works flawlessly with multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian and others.
12. Magento Block Bot module is feature rich and fully customizable module which eliminates operation hassles.

Striking Benefits of Magento spam IP blocker to store

1. Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin offers three flexible options which allows e-merchants to block the users based on their IP address, country or user-agent.
2. By implementing the Magento Blocker functionality, you can improve the overall speed and functionality of the website.
3. By preventing malicious bots and spam activities on your store, you can eliminate the data integrity risks from affecting your site.

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