Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Knowband Magento Review Reminder and Incentives | Rate, Review and Win

Magento Review Reminder and Incentives extension from Knowband is a smart and intuitive tool to compel the customers to return to the website and leave a review for the last purchase they have done on the store.

Every store merchant ultimately aims at improving the conversion rate of the store and want to earn huge profits for their company. Connecting with the audience on social networks is easy but doesn't leave a much impact on the minds of the new users. But review and ratings have the power to do that and get them back to the store for grabbing product feedback or review. Each of the customer reviews makes an impact on your website and leads to click-through rate growth. This improved CTR helps in boosting user engagement and search engine ranking of the website. So increase the number of reviews with product review and rating module.


What are the striking features of Magento review booster extension by Knowband?

Motivate your customers: With Magento Review Reminder and Incentives module,  e-merchants can ask their customers to write a review or rate their product purchase. For this, they can send a manual or automated reminder email which is designed to remind them regarding the product review in exchange for some incentive. 

Offer custom incentives: Magento review booster extension allows you to send custom incentives to the customers who recently had shopped for an item at your store. If required, you can completely disable the incentive system for your store.

Targeted customer groups:  With the help of product review module for Magento, admin can give incentives to selected customer group like they can ask for product reviews from all customers or the buyers only.

Review moderation: Magento product reviewing and incentives module gives the ability to accept or reject the reviews posted by the customers. Only accepted product reviews are made live on the website.

Email configuration:
Using Magento Review Reminder and Incentives module, the incentive reminder email which is sent to the customers can be configured or customized as per requirements. The email contains the review status along with the incentive amount.

Admin end notification: Magento review reminder extension notifies the store merchant as the customer posts any review over their product purchase. The email template for this notification is also customizable from the backend.

Look and feel: The front appearance of the review booster block can be configured using the color picker tool provided at the backend of Magento Review Reminder and Incentives module. The various changes include the border color, background color and font color of the review section of the product page.

Editable text:
The text of the review booster block can also be changed as needed.

Custom CSS and JS: Magento Review Reminder and Incentives plugin lets admin include custom CSS and JS code from the backend.

Set visibility:
Using Magento product reviewing and incentives module, admin can choose the site pages where they want to show the product reviews like at the homepage, product page, and the category page. 

Exclude products and categories: For some products or categories, the admin might not be requiring any review or rating. In that case, this product review module for Magento lets admin eliminate out selected products and categories from ratings and reviews by customers.

Configurable reminders:
Admin gets an easy option to create an unlimited number of product reminders and also the flexibility to configure the existing reminders using this Magento product reviewing and incentives module.

Powerful reporting system: To track the product reviews at your store, Magento Review Reminder and Incentives module offers a smart reporting system which gives information on:
  • List of products that have been reviewed
  • List of customers who have reviewed the products
  • List of product reviews

Magento Review Reminder and Incentives extension user manual

Admin demo

Front demo

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