Thursday, 7 February 2019

Prestashop Block User by Knowband | Spam IP Blocker Addon

Prestashop Block Bot Addon by Knowband is a bot blocker tool that restricts the spam accesses and spam users on your eCommerce website. Most of the malicious users monitor and try to steal confidential data on your website. So don't allow the intruders attack the security of your website by implementing Prestashop Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent addon. Prestashop spam IP blocker prevents the unwanted span traffic from the malicious bots and users in an effective way. Do you want to know more about this Spam Ip Block Addon by Knowband? Here you go with a list of features and benefits.

Key Features of Prestashop Block User/bot by IP

1. Prestashop Block User Addon blocks potential attackers and bots from entering into the website based on their IP, country and user agent.
2. Prestashop Block User/bot by IP blocks a suspected IP address or the complete range of IP addresses. It may be of the form or 223.190.77.* depending upon the requirement.

3. Prestashop Block User/bot by country allows admin to block all the users belonging to a specific country.

4. Prestashop Block User/bot by User Agent allows admin to block a particular user-agent like Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, msnbot, twengabot, Facebook and others. 

5. Prestashop spam blocker addon allows admin to enable/disable each of the implemented blocks from the backend interface.
6. The complete block functionality of Prestashop Ip Spam Blocker Addon can be enabled or disabled on a button click from backend.

7. The banishments created using Prestashop spam IP blocker can be easily edited or deleted from the backend interface of module.
8. Prestashop Block Bot Addon gives you the flexibility to show or hide the header and footer information to the blocked users of the store.
9. The message displayed to the banned users of the store can be changed from the backend of Prestashop block Bot by IP module.
10. Prestashop Block User/bot by IP allows banned visitors to send an unblocking request to the store owners which can be approved or rejected by them.
11. Prestashop Block User Addon is multi-lingual and multi-store compatible.
12. Prestashop Block Bot Addon is compatible with different Prestashop versions and themes.

Benefits of Prestashop Block User Addon

1. Prestashop spam blocker addon secures your website from spam users and unwanted bots.
2. The blocker functionality of Prestashop Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent addon drives quality traffic towards the site.
3. By getting unblocking requests from the users, Prestashop spam IP blocker ensures that no genuine user is blocked from accessing the store.
4. The varied multiple options offered by Prestashop Block Bot Addon allow admin to banish spam users or contents as per their requirement.

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