Friday, 29 March 2019

Let customers promote your store | Knowband's Prestashop Affiliate & Referral Program

Let customers become the sellers for your company using Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon by Knowband. Improve sales and deliberately increase your brand value in the eCommerce market. To market your site products and services, affiliate customers have to simply share a referral link/code via any social platform they are connected with. As any new user opts to their subscription by signing up or placing an order, the respective affiliates earn an enticing reward from the online store. Seems interesting right? Hold on, below discussed is a complete list of features and benefits offered by this Prestashop Affiliate Program addon by Knowband.

Features of Prestashop Affiliate Program addon

  • Enable or Disable new affiliate registrations on your eCommerce store with great ease using Prestashop Referrals plugin.
  • The multiple referral ways offered by Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module gives flexibility to affiliates to choose out the most convenient form of advertising.
  • Prestashop Affiliates module supports GDPR compatiblity.
  • Referral Link sharing can be enabled or disabled separately for each social networking sites including Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
  • Prestashop Referrals plugin gives an option to fix global payout value or commission offered to affiliates for new signups and order on the store.
  • Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon provide an easy option to set type, value, and type of referral vouchers assigned to affiliates during or after registration.
  • With Prestashop Referral Program addon, admin can permanently enable or disable the referral system for their store. If this is enabled, every new signup or order is considered a referral.
  • Using Prestashop Referrals plugin, admin can set the default referral status from the backend interface.
  • With Prestashop Referral Program addon, admin can choose when the user has to be considered as a referral,  during signup or an order.
  • It is easy to track the complete report of affiliates from the back-office of Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module.
  • Prestashop Referral Program addon also gives complete statistical view to check the total commission earned and redeemed by the affiliates.
  • An insight about total payout requests is visible from the backend interface of Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon.
  • Prestashop Referrals plugin also allows the customers to check their affiliate account status from their account dashboard at frontend.

Merchant Benefits

  • Affiliate and Referral Programs help in linking long term customers with the store.
  • Referral Marketing is an effective acquisition marketing strategy that helps in engaging new and old customers with the store.
  • Prestashop Referral Program addon offers a natural and trusted form of advertising encouraging thousands of potential new customers to try your brand products.

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