Thursday, 30 May 2019

Allow Endless Scrolling for your Customers : Knowband's Prestashop Infinite Scroll Addon

No. of touchscreen phone users in the last few years has increased significantly. Hence, web developers are making sure that the content of a website loads as seamlessly in a mobile phone as it does on a desktop. This becomes highly important for e-commerce websites where the look, design, and functions can either take the business to a whole new level or reduce it drastically.
While searching for a product on a store, visitors sometimes feel too lazy to go to the product pages one by one. Also, users do not like clicking for the next page again and again. What if this could be reduced to a more simpler way? Considering this, Knowband comes up with a new add-on "Prestashop Infinite Scroll" for the Prestashop store owners. It is a modern replacement for page reloads.

Why choose Prestashop Infinite Scroll add-on?

· Prestashop Infinite Scroll module reduces some steps for product viewing. It allows the admin to get rid of showing products on multiple pages and makes them visible in one single page. 
· It offers a variety of features to the owner/admin that allows them to make their store more appealing in front of their visitors.
· Prestashop fast scroll add-on provides infinite vertical scrolling for every product category listed on the merchant's store. In general, it avoids the conventional way of searching for products on multiple pages.
· Prestashop Infinite Scroll plug-in is compatible with all Prestashop themes.

Let's now talk about the features of Prestashop Infinite Scroll plugin:

1. It includes two ways of showing the products- List and Grid. Prestashop's  List view scrolling addon and Grid view scrolling addon give a pleasing look to the site. Admin can opt for whichever they feel is suitable.
2. There's a "Go to top" button in the Prestashop Infinite Scroll module. Once enabled by the admin, it will allow the visitors to go directly to the top section of the page within a fraction of seconds. The color of the button can be adjusted accordingly. This option can be hidden from the admin panel if not required. (For reference, you can check the above picture where there is a blue button at the bottom of the picture which shows grid view).

3. Prestashop Infinite Scroll module comes with a feature that displays a loader when the next page gets loaded. Prestashop quick scroll loads the next page automatically within the same page, hence avoiding navigating to different pages one by one. It can be disabled by the admin from the back end of the website if not required.

4. This module also comes up with a "Load More" feature that displays "load more" at the end of the page. Admin can adjust when they want to show this option, i.e. after the first page, second page or so on.

5. Prestashop Infinite Scroll also comes up with a feature that allows admin to create a message box at the end of the product listing. Admin can change the background color, text color and border color of the message box according to their choice.

6. If admin wants to make any further changes on the store, it can be done through Custom CSS & Custom JS.

This module by Knowband is very helpful for the customers to navigate all the product pages at once without reloading other pages. It is one-click navigation and provides the visitor with a better and hassle-free experience. Prestashop Infinite Scroll module can help the store owners increase their revenue by a very good margin.

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