Thursday, 1 August 2019

Knowband One Page Advanced Checkout: Every Click Counts !!!

One of the primary points responsible for sales on any website is the checkout. If your checkout is compact and seamless, it will drive your customers smoothly to checkout completion. When the customers reach the checkout end, this is where the money starts coming in. By pushing multiple page checkout at your site, you are simply losing all your potential customers. Visitors don't want to see and process long checkout just to buy a product at your store. The complexity of multi-level checkout hangs the customer's mind and compels the visitors to leave the purchase in between. This is where potential conversion is turned into abandoned carts.

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension by Knowband integrates a one step checkout at your store, allowing your customers to start and end the checkout hassle-free without any page reloads or shopping inconvenience. This OpenCart Single Page checkout shows a checkout slider on the front as the customer clicks on Add to Cart button for a specific product.

What are the feature highlights of OpenCart simplified checkout module?

Stop Cart Abandonment: The smooth flow of OpenCart One Page Supercheckout compels the visitors to complete their purchase without hanging the selected products in their cart.

Responsive Checkout: One Page Checkout for OpenCart slides on the front screen from the right side and opens up into a complete form as the customer fill in every detail easily.

Gather Complete Information: Store owners need to capture complete information about the customers before they allow them to place the order. OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension helps in asking the user details in a simple and organized way.

Simplified Checkout Design: OpenCart Single Page checkout transforms the complete multi-page checkout design into a single page checkout design which is optimized version and hence user-friendly.

Google and Facebook Login: OpenCart One Page Supercheckout offers social login options, Facebook and Google, allowing users to quickly login into the store and completing the purchase. Like most of the customers skip the purchase because they don't find the account on the store.

Ajax Based Popup: OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension works on an ajax based loading system which means that the customer will experience effortless navigation and loading experience with one page checkout.

Easy Activation: Once the One Page Checkout for OpenCart store is incorporated, you can effortlessly enable or disable the supercheckout as per business requirements. No coding or technicalities involved in the integration of One Page Checkout.

Improve Newsletter Subscription:  The MailChimp integrator of OpenCart One Page Checkout module captures and syncs the customer's emails to the connected seller account. These collected emails can be used for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Guest Registration: OpenCart One Page Supercheckout offers you an option of guest registration to your customers. Online users who don't have an account at your store, they can simply opt for guest checkout and complete their purchase.

Add Custom Style: This OpenCart simplified checkout module allows you to add custom CSS code from the back-office which reflects on the frontend functionality. You don't need to perform any coding modifications for this.

Support to Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods: OpenCart One Page Supercheckout gives compatibility with all the shipping and payment methods.

Customizable Form Design: The address fields shown on the OpenCart One Page Supercheckout form are totally customizable. You can easily drag and drop the fields to the desired position in the one page checkout form. In fact, you can even mark them as mandatory or optional.

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