Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Prestashop Loyalty Points | Knowband :: Get Customer Lifetime Value

Prestashop Loyalty Points module by Knowband allows you to create and integrate a unique customer reward system for your eCommerce shop. By performing various actions, your customers can earn as much loyalty points at your store. These loyalty points can be spent on buying new orders in the near future. Customers will get or earn the points for certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes in social media, sign up for newsletter, etc). Prestashop loyalty discount coupons module helps you to convert your visitors into loyal and profitable customers who will become your brand customers in a short period of time. In turn, this customer reward system brings you more and more potential customers.

Features of Prestashop Loyalty Points addon

1. Reward your customer with loyalty points on their specific actions like signup, new order, first order etc. using Prestashop Loyalty Points module.

2. The loyalty points offered using Prestashop Loyalty points and discount addon are credited to customer’s account. These points can be redeemed into discount vouchers at the time of checkout.

3. Prestashop purchase points addon helps you to define unlimited loyalty points rule based on behaviour, cart and products.

4. The loyalty points offer is shown can be shown on the product page or cart page so that the customers can execute a specific action and win rewards.

5. It is simple to enable or disable the complete functionality of Prestashop Loyalty points system from the backend.

6. Set the discount value per loyalty point using Prestashop customer loyalty system. You can set the discount value type as required for your website.

7. With Prestashop Loyalty points and discount addon, you can allows or disallow taxes during the application of discount coupons.

8. The admin interface of Loyalty points module for Prestashop is simple to understand and configure.

9. With Prestashop Loyalty reward points module, you can reward or cancel points on a particular order status.

10. This Customer reward system supports multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility feature.

11. This customer reward system lets you set loyalty points progression from the admin interface.

12. You can set desired title, description, validity start date, end date, and loyalty points value from the admin panel of Prestashop Loyalty Points module.

13. You get an option to change or modify the subject and content of the custom email notification for each loyalty points rule.

14. Prestashop customer loyalty system allows you to set different rule conditions using various filters.

15. The loyalty points balance which is credited or debited to each customer’s account can be checked from the backend.

16. With this module, you can send custom email notifications for every Prestashop loyalty discount coupons.

Admin Benefits of Prestashop Loyalty points system

  • Prestashop customer loyalty system helps in retaining new and existing customers.
  • Prestashop Loyalty reward points can be assigned automatically or manually to a customer’s account.
  • Prestashop loyalty discount coupons helps to involve more and more customer interaction with the store.

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