Thursday, 7 November 2019

13 Reasons Why You Should Choose OpenCart Mobile App Builder in 2020

Nowadays, customers want to interact with businesses, through a convenient way. Individuals are preferring mobile applications as a convenient way, but most of the businesses are not having in-house developers. Fortunately, there are lots of affordable app creation software services are available in the development world.

KnowBand OpenCart Mobile App Builder Module. This is a complete no-code solution for the store owners who don’t have any type of coding knowledge and technical skills. So, a complete mobile application with various top-notch functionalities.

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder comes up with some new updated features:

1. Support to Spin and Win functionality:

Engage your store customers by offering the Spin and Win pop-up functionality in your mobile application. By displaying the Spin and Win pop-up on your mobile app, you can offer various discounts and offers to your app users.

2. Tab Bar Functionality:

The user interface is one of the most important thing in the eCommerce mobile application. So, enhance the UI of your mobile app by offering the tab bar functionality and provide a better navigation to your store users. Tab Bar are one of the most used components of mobile UIs. With the tab bar functionality, allow your users to quickly move between a small number of equally important views. Tab Bar functionality to be an excellent user interface control that contribute towards improving the usability.

Additional features of KnowBand OpenCart Mobile App Builder

1. Dynamic home screen layout: 

With the OpenCart Mobile App Builder, the store Admin can easily customize the home screen layout as per the requirement of their store. The OpenCart store Admin can easily create multiple home screen layouts in advance and can save them for later use. Even you can do the changes in the existing home screen layouts by making the changes in the following attributes which are mentioned in the module backend:
Top Categories.

Grid Product.

Grid Banner.

Square Banner.

Horizontal Sliding Product.

Horizontal Sliding Banner.

Countdown Sale Timer.

Recently Accessed Product.

2. Real-time Synchronization: 

Synchronization is one of the most difficult task for any eCommerce OpenCart store owner. Here’s KnowBand is providing you a way by which you can easily get your store Apps synced with the website in real-time. Whenever you are going to make any changes in the website then the changes will also be reflected to your store Apps.

3. Complete Backend Access: 

Getting the OpenCart Mobile App Builder Extension gives you the complete backend access to make the changes in the mobile app from the module end. With this functionality, the store merchant can easily customize the design of your mobile Apps and functioning over a few mouse clicks.

4. Choice between multiple login options: 

The Mobile App Builder Extension for OpenCart comes ups with various login options ( Google, Facebook, Phone number(OTP) and Fingerprint which makes the login process much easier to the App users. With the easy to use log in options, let your users log in on your store without facing any hassle in the login process or putting extra efforts.

5. Multiple Chat Support options: 

With the chat support options, increase the reach of your eCommerce store and provide them a assistance related to their queries. The store merchant can easily assist their customers related to their queries with the 24*7 support.

6. Support to different languages: 

It is difficult to develop the different Apps in different languages. By developing the Android and iOS Apps with OpenCart Mobile App Maker, you can easily expand your reach in the areas where you want to reach. Even, this module support RTL languages as well.

7. Unlimited Push Notification Functionality: 

You can easily send the unlimited manual and automatic push notifications with the eCommerce Mobile App Creator functionality. With the help of this functionality, you can send the personalized notifications on your Apps and this will leads to drive the engagement, sales and revenue of your store.

8. Multiple Payment Methods Support: 

Payment methods are the way by which the user decides to pay the sellers goods and services. By providing the same payment methods on the Apps which you are offing on your website, provides ease to the customers in choosing one of the payment methods. Even, any other payment method can also be added in the Apps over a fair additional cost. The Mobile App Builder Extension brings the two additional payment options i.e. COD and PayPal.

9. All Shipping methods support: 

With the Mobile App Builder plugin, you can offer any of the shipping methods on your store mobile apps, which are available on your website.

10. Promote your with ease: 

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder module allows the store Admin can display their brand logo, splash screen, name etc and this will help you to promote your brand among the mobile app users.

11. Better Navigation: 

OpenCart Mobile Apps provides the filter/sort option and also the keyword/voice search functionality is there through which the user can easily go to any screen with this functionality.

12. Simplified Checkout Process: 

One of the biggest benefit of this extension is that it provides your customers a simplified checkout process. Easy checkout process makes the customers shopping experience better and this will lead to increase in your store sales.

13. Live Order Tracking: 

The Mobile Apps build with Mobile App Builder would have real-time tracking feature sync with the website. Your users will be updated about their previous order delivery or status.

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