Monday, 4 November 2019

Knowband : Prestashop Custom CSS and JS | Style your Website

There are times when you need to add customization to your website. What to do next? Are you going to pick and modify each of these existing CSS and JS files? Absolutely, not. So, the best way is to incorporate Knowband’s Prestashop custom CSS and JS addon which allows the store merchant to include extra CSS and JS script to their website and thereby improving the overall functionality for the customers. So, quickly save your time from messing up with CSS and JS code files with the help of this custom CSS module Prestashop.

Features of Prestashop Custom JS addon

1. Prestashop custom CSS and JS builds up and changes the user interface of your website.

2. The additional CSS and JS you incorporate using custom JS module Prestashop is mobile responsive.

3. Prestashop Custom JS addon allows you to include CSS and JS code for specific pages of your website.

4. You have the flexibility to incorporate custom CSS module Prestashop for your complete website.

5. Custom CSS and JS plugin Prestashop is easy to install and configure for your business requirements.

6. You can enable or disable the whole functionality of Prestashop custom CSS addon for your online shop on a button click.

7. With custom CSS and JS plugin Prestashop, you can add CSS and JS code differently for every page on your website.

8. Prestashop Custom JS addon allows you enable/disable the CSS or JS for different device types such as mobile, desktop or both.

9. custom JS module Prestashop allows you to edit or modify the existing CSS and JS for your web pages.

10. Prestashop custom CSS and JS addon is multi-store and multi-lingual compatible.

Admin Benefits of custom CSS and JS plugin Prestashop

1. No need to add or remove CSS and JS files from a website page using this Prestashop Custom JS addon.

2. No need to manually enter the CSS and JS code from the admin console.

3. By incorporating custom JS module Prestashop, no complications are involved in the modification of existing CSS and JS files.

4. The integration of Prestashop custom CSS and JS doesn't affects the working of any theme or other modules/plugins installed at your store.

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