Friday, 6 December 2019

Knowband - OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro | Holy Grail of Checkouts

There is no magic solution for integrating checkout to any eCommerce website. Finding unnecessary checkout steps becomes really frustrating and complex to handle for the customers who are there to shop at your store. If your checkout is amazingly simple, more number of customers are driven towards making an item purchase. However, one page checkouts are undoubtedly a good choice for those who have to simply sell their products without any kind of informational exchange. Keeping the checkout short and simple compels shoppers to complete product checkout in minutes. 

Knowband offers one such customizable solution for the eCommerce store merchants referred as OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension. The extension simply removes the extra fields from the checkout page and shows all the necessary information in form of sections on a single optimized page. OpenCart One Page Checkout extension is offering unlimited features and benefits which can overlooked in the next section.

Important Features of OpenCart One Page Checkout extension

  1. The multi-page checkout is transformed into single Page checkout using OpenCart One Page Checkout extension.
  2. This OpenCart Quick checkout module provides access to multiple customizable payment and shipping methods. For any method, the logo and title can be changed as needed.
  3. Test mode functionality of OpenCart One Step Checkout extension helps to test the changes without impacting the main website. 
  4. Custom Style code or CSS can be included from the backend of this OpenCart One Page Checkout extension which improves the frontend functionality.
  5. Toggle switch button given at back-office of OpenCart Quick checkout module makes it easy to enable or disable on a simple click.
  6. With OpenCart fast checkout extension, you can enable or disable the newsletter subscriptions for the website.
  7. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro replaces the default multi-level checkout structure with single page optimized version checkout.
  8. OpenCart One Step Checkout extension offers guest registration functionality which allows the unregistered customers of the store to make an order.
  9. This OpenCart simplified checkout module allows you to automatically register the guests with the website.
  10. An option to select default checkout option is also provided with this OpenCart One Page Supercheckout plugin.
  11. OpenCart One Step Checkout extension gives access to various social login options such as Facebook and Google accounts.
  12. This Responsive one page checkout displays customizable address fields in the payment and shipping address section of checkout.
  13. OpenCart Single Page checkout module allows custom choice of payment and shipping methods to shoppers.
  14. OpenCart One Page Checkout extension has a Ship2Pay feature which allows you to map payment methods corresponding to shipping methods.
  15. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension provides flexibility to choose the layout designs as 1-column, 2-column or 3-column.
  16. The different cart fields displayed by OpenCart One Step Checkout extension are fully customizable from back-office.

Benefits of OpenCart One Page Supercheckout for Admin

  1. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro speeds up the checkout for mobile and other device users.
  2. OpenCart One Page Supercheckout involve less complexity and are more reliable for websites.
  3. OpenCart One Page Checkout extension allows you to purchase products even if they are unregistered on store.
  4. OpenCart One Step Checkout extension improves conversion levels and reduces cart abandonment.

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