Friday, 24 January 2020

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband is the ideal replacement for traditional and old school pagination technique. Pagination can be time-taking as well as tiresome for the visitors. Pagination doesn’t let the visitors to even fully explore the store as it becomes time-taking for them then. But with OpenCart quick scroll extension, the store owner can implement a seamless experience to the store owners. It avoids visitors to take multiple actions =in the site and also lets them explore the site fully as well.

Features of OpenCart endless scroll extension are being mentioned below:

1. OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension offers an endless scrolling feature to the visitors which makes it highly engaging as well.

2. OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module is easy to install and configure. The admin can refer to the steps regarding installation from the user-manual.

3. OpenCart fast scroll extension offers load more feature as well that gives the visitor, the benefit of freedom to load more products furhter or not.

4. The store owner can enable/disable the OpenCart endless scroll extension with just a single click.

5. OpenCart Infinite Scroll module works well with SSL enabled stores.

6. OpenCart quick scroll extension is multi-store compatible as well.

7. The administrator can enter CSS and Jquery to additionally enhance the look and feel of the site.

8. OpenCart quick scroll extension offers an end page message include through which the administrator can show a message advising the client that he has come towards the end.

9. The admin can enter CSS and Jquery to further enhance the look and feel of the site.

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