Friday, 24 January 2020

Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon by Knowband

E-commerce stores get constantly attacked by spam-bots. You can see them making multiple comments, you can see them doing illegal registrations on the website. To prevent spam-bots from accessing the website Knowband has come up with PrestaShop Google ReCaptcha Addon to protect your online store. This Human Verification Addon allows the store owner to integrate Google ReCaptcha on the pages without them having to apply any coding skills. Prestashop human verification is easy to install and configure.

Striking features of PrestaShop Google ReCaptcha Addon are as follows: 

1. The PrestaShop Google reCaptcha offers a simple and snappy installation technique to the store owners. 

2. PrestaShop human verification addon is extremely customizable. The administrator can make a significant number of changes according to his wish.

3. The admin can enable or disable the Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon with just a click.

4. The administrator can set the quantity of login preliminary numbers after which the reCaptcha will show up before the guests. 

5. The reCaptcha is intended to identify whether the client is a bot or a human. 

6. The PrestaShop Google reCaptcha offers to incorporate reCaptcha on the login page so that only humans can log in the store.

7. The Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon can be incorporated on the Customer Foret Password Page as well to prevent bots from accessing the website.

8. The Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon can be incorporated on the customer registration page as well to avoid spam registrations on the website. 

9. The PrestaShop Google reCaptcha functions well with SSL enabled stores. 

10. PrestaShop human confirmation offers multi-store compatibility which implies that this module functions well with different modules enabled on your site. 

11. The PrestaShop human check offers two reCaptcha themes to the store owners which are Light and dark themes. The admin can choose the one that goes best with their site. 

12. Prestashop human check addon functions well with both the versions of the reCaptcha. The admin can likewise execute different versions of reCaptcha on the different pages.

Advantages of PrestaShop Google reCaptcha addon are as per the following: 

1) PrestaShop Google reCaptcha is anything but difficult to install and configure. The store owner can search for the steps in regards to installation from the user manual guide. 

2) Installing PrestaShop human check addon doesn't require the admin to apply any extra coding aptitudes to incorporate the reCaptcha on the store. The administrator simply needs to produce the API key to coordinate reCaptcha. Steps concerning API Key generation have been referenced in the client manual. 

3) The administrator gets a few customization alternatives. They can likewise improve the look and feel with the assistance of CSS and JS alternatives. 

4) PrestaShop Google reCaptcha addon offers an improved method for shielding your site from unlawful spam exercises. 

5) The administrator can do a demo site test gave on our Knowband site. Along these lines, they can get an unmistakable thought in regards to the working of the Prestashop human check addon before choosing to make a buy.

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