Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Manage Your Store's Return Requests Easily with PrestaShop Return Manager module by Knowband

If you want to run a successful eCommerce business then you must have an efficient Return Manager by which you can offer your customers easy return options and can handle all of their return requests easily. Knowband offers PrestaShop Return Manager module which provides you an effective and easy to use Return Manager by which you can handle the return requests and complaints with ease.


With the module, you can offer a user-friendly interface so that they can easily raise their return requests from the online store. With the PrestaShop Return Manager Addon, you not only provide them a better experience by listening to their grievances and provide them satisfactory solutions but you also gain their loyalty which will help to retain them to your business for a longer period.

Advantages of the PrestaShop Return Manager Module for your eCommerce store:

1. The module helps you to gain the trust and the loyalty of your customers as you listen to their complaints and provide them easy returns.

2. The Knowband's PrestaShop Return Manager Extension offers a user-friendly interface that helps the e-merchant to handle all the return requests of the online store easily and efficiently.

3. By offering satisfactory solutions to the complaints of the customers with the PrestaShop Order Return Manager Extension, you can easily win over their trust and can build brand value for your business.

4. The Knowband's PrestaShop Order Return Manager Module helps the e-merchant to find errors or faults in the product if any. After knowing the cause, online retailers can fix them to avoid future returns.

Key Highlights of the PrestaShop Return Product addon:

1. With the PrestaShop Order Refund addon, the online retailers can offer 3 different choices to the buyers which are credit, refund, and replacement. The customers can choose any of them accordingly and raise their requests.

2. With the Knowband's PrestaShop Replacement Manager Module, the e-merchants can create and customize the return policy for their business. This policy will be available to the customers to check and read at the time of raising the complaints.

3. From the admin interface of the PrestaShop Order Return Manager Addon, the online retailers can check all the active and pending returns of the store.

4. The e-merchant can also create and customize some common reasons for raising return requests. These reasons will be available to the customers to choose from at the time of raising their requests.

5. With the Knowband's Return Manager for PrestaShop, the store admin has the option to create requests for returns on behalf of the customers, if they are facing any kind of issues while raising the requests.

6. The PrestaShop Order Return Manager addon allows the customers to include attachments including images along with their return requests to give the store owner a better idea of the product defect if any.

7. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Order Return Manager addon, the online shoppers can also cancel their return requests from the front office. To offer this functionality to the customers, the admin needs to enable the ‘Order Cancel Functionality’ from the back office of the module.

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