Wednesday, 9 December 2020

OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension by Knowband | Boost Your Holiday Sales and Increase Brand Awareness

Knowband offers a Gift Card extension for OpenCart which allows you to integrate a gift card panel on your website and lets your customers buy and send attractive gift cards for their dear ones. The extension offers gift cards for various special occasions and holidays like Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, etc.

With the OpenCart Gift Card extension, you can easily boost your holiday sales and increase the brand reach of your online business. By selling gift cards with the extension, you can also get new customers on your online shop effortlessly. The extension is quite easy to use and can be integrated into your online store without any advanced coding efforts. No need to modify the code of the website in order to install it.

Advantages of the OpenCart Gift Card system:

1. The extension helps the e-merchants to increase brand awareness and the business reach thousands of people just by selling gift cards.

2. Knowband's OpenCart Send Gift Card extension also helps the store owner to gain new clients for the business while retaining the current ones.

3. The OpenCart Gift module offers tons of attractive holiday-themed gift cards and enhance customers' shopping experience. The extension is extremely helpful in increasing the customer retention rate for the online business.

4. With the Knowband's OpenCart Gift Card vouchers, the e-merchant can easily boost the revenue of the online business especially during the holiday season.

Salient features of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension:

1. The extension incorporates a gift card section on your online store which can be accessed by click the gift card button. The admin can place this button at the header, footer, and the left side of the web pages. He can also add the gift card button in the product category section.

2. With the Knowband's OpenCart Gift Cards module, the customers can add a personalized message for the receiver with the gift card while placing the order for the gift card.

3. The e-merchant can check and view all the orders tracked through gift cards. He can check these orders from the admin interface of the Gift Card Module for OpenCart.

4. Knowband's OpenCart Gift Card extension is easy to install and configure and offers a user-friendly interface. It makes it easier for the customers to purchase gift cards and for the admin to manage all the templates and orders.

5. The OpenCart Gift Card extension offers a notification email that can be easily customized from the back-end. This email is sent to the customer and the receiver informing them about their ordered gift cards.

6. In the latest update, the OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension has now become compatible with the official Journal theme.

7. With Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension, the store owner can set a minimum gap of some days between the order and the delivery of the gift cards to the customers.

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