Monday, 22 February 2021

Manage the eBay shop from your PrestaShop Store using PrestaShop eBay Integrator.

eBay with its wide customer base is one of the leading online Marketplace world-wide. eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers. Selling goods on the eBay Marketplace allows the sellers to reach new customers and grow their business. Customers on the eBay Marketplace can explore the vast inventory of the multiple sellers and make unique selections.

PrestaShop eBay marketplace connector

Knowband’s eBay Marketplace connector for PrestaShop store allows the sellers to sell their variety of goods/ services at ebay Marketplace from the admin panel of their PrestaShop store. Using the eBay Marketplace API’s, the store owners can list their products, manage inventories and orders from the backend of the PrestaShop store. Sellers using the API Marketplace connector does not need to list their products on both the stores separately. Using the eBay Integrator module, products listed at the backend of the PrestaShop store gets automatically listed at the eBay Marketplace.

Key Benefits of the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace connector:

  1. Allows store owner to bulk upload the products.
  2. Inventories can be synced and updated from the admin panel of the store.
  3. Store admins can efficiently customize the price of the products.
  4. Orders can be synced and managed from the admin panel.
  5. Automatic listings save both efforts and time of the sellers.

Features offered by the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Integrator are:

1. eBay Marketplace Integration allows the store owner to test the integrator module in Sandbox and Live Mode.

2. Sellers can create Multiple Profiles from the admin panel of the stores.

3.Using the eBay API integrator, sellers can select the product country. 

4. Store categories can be easily mapped with eBay Marketplace categories.

5. Sellers can add shipping profiles from the backend of the PrestaShop store.

6. Orders received at the eBay shop can be tracked from the Prestashop store.

7. Store owners can update the eBay order status from the admin panel of the store.

8. Updated order status can be synced at the eBay shop using the cron job.

9. Sellers can list and revise the product details like Name, description etc from the admin panel of the store.

10. Using the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Integration module sellers can relist the products at the eBay Marketplace.

To know in detail about the eBay Marketplace connector, please refer to the User Guide.


Watch the Video here:

Test the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Demo here:

Admin Demo

Knowband offers eBay Marketplace connector for other platforms including OpenCart and Magneto 2.


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