Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Offer Customized and Personalized Products with OpenCart Product Customizer extension by Knowband

Selling personalized products not only enhances the shopping experience of the customers but also helps to retain them for a longer period. Knowband provides OpenCart Product Customizer extension which allows the store owner to sell personalized and customized products by setting up a Customizer panel on the eCommerce store. With the extension, the e-merchant can deliver the customers what they really want.

The online buyers can design and customize the items according to their preferences and desires from the panel. The OpenCart Product Designer/Customizer extension offers a lot of great customization options such as adding stickers, images, text, etc to the products. The customers can also change the colors, apply filters on the images, and can even upload new personalized images from the customizer panel. Let’s take a look at all the benefits and features the extension offers.

Key Benefits of the OpenCart Product Customizer extension:

1. The extension provides an amazing shopping experience to your customers by letting them buy customized and personalized products from your eCommerce store. They can design and customize the products conveniently according to their preferences.

2. Knowband’s OpenCart Product Customization module helps to get you more sales on your eCommerce shop by letting you sell customized products.

3. The OpenCart Custom Product Designer extension helps to improve the customer retention rate on your eCommerce store and encourages them to revisit your store in the future and buy more personalized products from you.

4. The Advanced Product Customizer module works as a perfect tool if you want to increase the loyalty of your customers to your eCommerce store.

5. Knowband’s Product Personalization extension helps the e-merchant to know better what the customers really like to order. The e-merchants can add more similar customizations to increase sales on the eCommerce shop.

Major Characteristics of the OpenCart Product Customizer extension:

1. The extension offers a very clean and simple Customizer panel which is very easy to use for online customers. They can easily find and add whatever customizations they want to do from the panel.

2. With the OpenCart Product Customizer extension, the store owner can allow the customers to add images, stickers, QR codes, text with different text styles, upload new images, etc.

3. The store owner can display the customization cost along with the total price of the product with the customizations done right on the designer panel with the Knowband’s OpenCart Custom Product Design module. This way, the online shoppers can check the total price while doing the customizations.

4. The OpenCart Extended Product Customization module can be activated from the back-end with a single click. The store admin can disable it anytime from the back-end.

5. The store owner can specify the maximum customizable sides from the back-end of the Knowband’s OpenCart Product Customizer extension. If the sides are specified as 2 then the products like t-shirts can be customized from both the front and backside on the website.

6. The store owner can also offer more customizations by adding unlimited new images, fonts, and colors from the back-end of Knowband’s OpenCart Product Customizer extension.

7. The OpenCart Custom Product Designer extension offers a responsive Designer panel for the customers by which they can design and customize their products easily from mobile devices.

Know more about the extension from the given below links:

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