Friday, 29 May 2015

How effective are Abandoned Cart Emails?

With an eCommerce website one of the greatest concerns that store owners face is of shopping cart abandonment. The average shopping cart abandonment rate growing up to 68.7% compels site owners to design a marketing strategy that allows them to bring visitors back to the store and complete the left purchase. 

Abandoned cart mails are those marketing tools which businesses use these days to retarget/remarket their business globally. As a marketing strategy, abandoned cart emails do have a specific purpose for which they are designed- to understand and fix the issue which stopped user buying from you. 

It is a smart marketing strategy that aims at boosting conversions and reducing the risk of losing customers.
As far as an abandoned cart email is concerned, both timing and content comes out to be an important factor. A well written mail should be featured with proper cart details and should also include a CTA button or link that facilitates checking out smoothly. 
Similarly, it should have that compelling content written on it which encourages customers to return and complete the purchase. You may also include a coupon as discount to give consumers an extra reason to convert. 

Using cart abandonment mails, store owners will see an increase in revenue and will also be able to eliminate issues related to cart abandonment.

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