Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Prestashop Scratch Coupon for Increasing User Engagement on an Ecommerce Store
Shopping online becomes more enticing if customers get to shop products with discounted prices. Discounts not only attract customers but also give them a choice to return back. If you have a website designed on Prestashop, installing Prestashop Scratch Coupon will be a wise choice.

There are times when visitor enters your site but do not move ahead for a purchase. In that case, as a site owner it is your responsibility to identify the causes and work to bring user back. As a website owner, your job is to keep visitors engaged. Prestashop Scratch coupon gives visitors engage and interact by providing coupon scratch discount.

How this plugin works?

As soon as a visitor comes to your site, he will be asked to provide his/her email address. Upon entering the email address, he will be presented with a scratch coupon which needs to be scratched for viewing the percentage of discount customer received.

Features of Prestashop Scratch Coupon-

Easy Reporting System for admin- As a store owner, it becomes quite easy to manage this plugin. Store owner will get full access to monitor the status of sent and used coupons easily in the form of graphs and figures.

Responsive Layout- Prestashop scratch coupon is fully responsive and is adaptable to the screen size of any device. In order to give users a wonderful shopping experience, this plugin has been designed for targeting users from mobile and other digital devices.

Simple Installation- Quick and simple to install, this plugin saves a lot of time. It can be installed automatically from the admin end or using Prestashop hosted directory.

Benefits of having Installed Prestashop Scratch Coupon

  • Increase in user engagement 
  • Maximizes conversions
  • Mobile Responsive 
  • Theme compatible 
  • Increases customer retention

Are you keen to have this feature on your store, so just get up and install this plugin. For more information, you need to browse