Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Use Prestashop Social Loginizer for Targeting Your Customers

The world has gone social and so does your business should also be. The digital technology has changed the way people do business. Social media networks provide every minute detail of an individual, from interests, to location, age, gender, preferences and above all the current status too :P Isn’t it amazing?

Social media networks were started earlier to connect and increase personal interaction among friends, colleagues and relatives but now it has reached the way people do online business. Online businesses, these days rely fully on social media platforms for sharing information, for targeting and for brand exposure too.

You might have read various posts, where people have discussed about the benefits of social logins, blah, blah. Are you not bored now?

Did I hear Yes??

:) This is the reason; I am sharing this post with you today as here I will tell you what technology you can use to integrate features of social media on your site. If you are having an eCommerce store designed on Prestashop, this extension- Prestashop Social Loginizer has been designed to integrate social signups on your store.

A social sign up feature has “n” number of advantages ranging from-

  • Increased and quick subscriptions
  • Faster conversions

What is new in “Prestashop Social Loginizer”?

Installing Prestashop Social loginizer on your checkout page of the ecommerce site, you will allow users to sign up by logging in via their Facebook or Google+ credentials. This extension eliminates the need of signing up with lengthy account registration process before clearing checkout.

The most interesting feature of this plugin is that it is compatible with all devices. The layout has been designed in a way that it is responsive for mobile, tablets as well as desktop based websites. This feature provides a personalized shopping experience to users.

Similarly this plugin also provides store owners an option to customize it as per the requirements. Customization or changes with reference to the text or heading included in social media signup can be done.

This extension is compatible with multiple themes, so you just don’t need to worry about your website theme and install it easily.

These are some of the basic highlights, to know more about how this plugin benefits the user as well store owner, follow this link- http://www.knowband.com/prestashop-social-loginizer

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