Monday, 25 April 2016

PrestaShop Price Alert

We all must be familiar with online shoppers who often turn away from an online store due to the steep product prices that are displayed. High product prices are in fact one of the primary reasons for increasing shopping cart abandonments on multiple eCommerce stores. If you are unable to convince your shoppers regarding the displayed price of your products, you will certainly lose a huge chunk of business share to your business competitors. In this dark environment, this PrestaShop Price Alert module has emerged as the ultimate ray of hope for numerous online stores around the world. It is definitely a superb PrestaShop extension whose brilliant features and functionalities can be understood clearly with the help of multiple screenshots that are mentioned below:

Prestashop Price Alert Module | Knowband

Provide information about the change in your product price immediately to your targeted customers with the help of this PrestaShop Price Alert extension. It provides notifications to clients on their email addresses regarding any price change.

Customization of PrestaShop Price Alert Module | Knowband

Make seamless customization and configuration in your general module settings with the help of this PrestaShop extension. Apart from this, store admin can make changes in product price alert settings, analytical data, customer price alert settings and other such modifications for getting maximum customer attention and sales.

Set your price alert with PrestaShop Price Alert Module | Knowband

Customers can easily set the price alert for their respective products by clicking on “Set Price Alert” option located on the product page. They can specify the amount which they want to set as a price alert for a particular product and can get price alerts through their respective email addresses.

If you are having difficulty in keeping your clients engaged to your product prices, this is definitely your chance to make it big with the help of this feature loaded PrestaShop plugin. It not only allow you to set up prices for a particular product but also helps in providing quick updates in case of a price drop. With this module, you can make the best buy regarding your desired product by making an effective negotiation in the product pricing. Set out to purchase this feature packed extension without having any second thought due to its effectiveness in product sales and conversion rates.

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