Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A PrestaShop Blog Module that can help driving traffic to your site

PrestaShop blog module | knowband
A PrestaShop module for your site to drive traffic and provide a better chance of acquiring conversion for your site.

For any business website, it is necessary that it gets more and more traffic so that owners can display their business to them. Any person who is seeking some products or services does not go site by site looking for a solution. Users randomly search for the solutions on search engines, from where they are directed to various sites which might help in sorting the issue. The search engines may present their seekers with a website suggestion, or even a blog post, depending on the Search engine optimization of the content or site. Blogs actually act as a catalyst to drive traffic from the search engines or other websites to your site. In other words, blogs are one the best marketing and promotion tool for your business. They can help your products and services to reach a vast audience.

Here, I am going to talk about a useful module for Prestashop, which can integrate your existing PrestaShop site with a very diversified blogging platform. PrestaShop blog module is a very efficient and responsive module for your site. This module can be fully customized according to the site admin, providing an amazing blogging experience to the site owners and various visitors. 

Enticing features of the PrestaShop blog module-

The module is very easy to install like any other PrestaShop module on your site. Integrated with a very simple yet elegant graphical user interface, it provides the admin an accessible panel to manage all the blogs on his/her site.

The PrestaShop blog module with N-level categorization option provides the user with a facility to include as many categories of the blog for his/her site. This module is capable of efficiently managing a large number of blogs, and track each blog’s activity from admin panel itself.

The facility to show related products on individual blog pages makes this module a perfect solution for commercial blogging system. With this blog module on my site, I can provide product suggestions with related blog contents by providing easy hyperlinks and product mentions. It becomes very easy for me to promote my business as a solution for different issues of the readers from my website.

Prestashop Blog Module features | Knowband
Related products being shown with the blog post increase the chances for conversion of the products.

Blogs which get outdated or obsolete for the website can be easily removed from the site by using show or hide option on the admin panel on the module.

With this module installed on my PrestaShop store, I can link the blog contents to be displayed on the related product pages on my site. Using this feature, I can provide a better product description and review of the products to the customers who visit my site.

The responsive nature of this module allows the blog contents on the site to be easily browsed through a mobile phone or tablet. This feature helps the site to get a better chance of being found in the mobile search results.

On the whole, this module is an efficient PrestaShop addon which can help you in proper management of blogging system on your site. It can provide you with accelerated chances of conversions by guiding more and more traffic to your PrestaShop site. You can have a live demo of this module on its official website.

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