Thursday, 28 September 2017

How can a Mobile App boost the Conversions of your eCommerce store?

Technology is growing day-by-day. The thing that is in trend today, might become obsolete tomorrow. Thus, it becomes an important factor for everyone to keep themselves updated with the current trend. If we talk about the present scenario of eCommerce stores, a lot has changed since they have come into existence. From just a few selected websites to the various shopping mobile apps, it has changed a lot. The sellers who adapted the trend survived the market, those who didn’t have been kicked out by other eCommerce stores. The market is and always has been the “Survival of the fittest”.

Right now, if we take a look at the current trend, we will see that the eCommerce stores are very quickly moving to the mCommerce ecosystem. Note that the popularity of mobiles has led the sellers to shift their business to the customers through mobile apps. The mobile apps are replacing the traditional method of shopping through desktop sites. It has become an inevitable trend for every eCommerce store owner to launch a mobile app in order to promote their business.

If you are a magneto site owner and you wish to stay in trend then Knowband has come up with something that concerns you. The Magneto Mobile App builder is for  all the magneto site owners who are looking to develop a mobile app for their web store. 

Let us discuss the utility of Mobile App in boosting the conversions.



According to, when a survey, “Around 74% prefer using a mobile app to make purchase from eCommerce store”. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that the optimum chance of growth of a web store is more when the customers are provided with a mobile app. This feature makes sure that the product visibility is increased and more customers engage themselves on the web store. The introduction of mobile store will surely improve the traffic on your site, thus, increasing the rate of conversions.

Easy access

Easy Access

Right now, mobile phones have become a part of daily life of people. People prefer to use smartphones over desktop computers for web searching and shopping as they are easy to carry. Therefore, launching a mobile app for your web store is like providing the customers with an easy way to shop. Most of the people like to save time while shopping, hence, mobile app seems a perfect match. They can just pull out a phone from their pocket and the make purchase. Hence, upgrading your eCommerce site to a mobile platform will surely reduce your distance with your prospective customers.



The mobile apps developed by our app builder are compatible with all OS like Windows, iOS, and Android. Hence, it provides users with an option to use them on their phone irrespective of the platform. The compatibility feature highly initiates the customers to use your web store. According to a survey, 34% customers use android phone to make purchase while 20% use iOS to make purchase”. Thus, an application that is compatible with the mostly used devices can make it easier for the customers to shop from your web store.



Mobile app is a proved solution to provide more convenience to the customers in comparison to the eCommerce websites. Mobile app provide many features that can’t be provided on regular desktop sites. For example, one touch checkout, retina ready display, voice searches and others. The mobile app comes out to be the winner in terms of convenience when compared to desktop sites. Moreover, the store owners can also support the fact that they can provide better options with apps rather than desktop sites.

Future aspects

future Aspects

If we take a look at the future trends, we will observe that the mobile phones are likely to overtake computers, in terms of daily utility. Therefore, it becomes an important factor for the eCommerce store owner to get their business going through mobiles. Thus, our mobile app builder serves the purpose here. This is one concept that if ignored might result in loss of considerable number of potential buyers. Eventually reducing the web traffic and lowering your conversion rates. Hence, going mobile is a must for all the eCommerce business owners.


eCommerce mobile applications have become the latest trend in the market. If sellers wants to grow their business then ignoring this factor might result in heavy loss of revenue. Just stay abreast with all the mCommerce consideration will eventually help you optimize your growth and you’ll surely achieve the much-needed competitive edge.

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