Monday, 16 October 2017

4 Reasons Online Shoppers would Love Gamified Pop-ups at your eCommerce Store

One of the basic idea to provide an interactive platform for marketing is to get better customer engagement. The eCommerce store always try to make shopping a fun and better experience for the customers. Most of the time a customer would prefer to purchase the product if the presentation of the product is made in an interactive manner. Thus, it becomes an important point for the store owners to provide the customers with sufficient features. Hence, making store better by providing different features enhances the store visibility and at the same time engages the customers too.

One of the best way to do is by introducing pop ups to the web store. The pop u do work in an interesting manner providing a better an interactive way of shopping to the customers. Customers love to get deals and discounts on the purchase they make through eCommerce stores. The pop up seem to be serving the purpose. With the introduction of thee gamified pop ups the sellers can always make sure that the customer has fun and at the same time they get offers in order to make a purchase.

In order to make your Shopify store more interactive the store owners can always introduce the feature of Shopify wheelio plugin. The pop up is a modified form of a roulette, where the customers can spin the wheel and at the same time they can avail offers as provided by the seller. It makes shopping more fun and better experience for the customers. The better the experience, more are the chances of making sales and getting better conversion rates on the web store. 

Let us discuss how can the gamified pop up help grow your eCommerce store.

Highly Interactive

Highly Interactive

The introduction of the pop ups make the web store highly interactive. Most of the time if the customer is made to avail offers by using a pop up in the form of game than it helps the user to connect better and at the same time make better purchases. Thus the pop up prove to be a great step in understanding the customers and helping them make purchase. Meanwhile, the offers provided by the seller are based on his choice, so the seller also makes a good amount of profit and no doubt better conversions.

More Engaging

More Engaging

According to a survey, “Almost 54% of the customers would love to avail the offers and make a purchase after they have been provided with some discounts or deals by the web store”. Thus, the introduction of the pop us make the web store more engaging for the customers. It helps the customers to make better purchases on the products they like. The gaming sense of the pop ups keeps the customers engaged throughout their stay on the web store. It helps the seller in generating better revenue through sales and at the same time the rate of effective conversions are also increased.

Alluring offers

Alluring offers | sale

One of the rising problems for the store owners is the increasing number of abandon carts. The idea of introducing pop up can help resolve the matter. As most of the customers cancel their transaction on their wish list mainly due to price. Thus by introducing gamified pop us the seller can be assured that the customers now get a good discount or offers which can be used to make purchase of their products. Thus it helps in reducing the number of abandon carts which helps the sellers in making better sales and at the same time generating higher revenues.

Better experience

Better experience

Any customer would love to get a better experience while shopping. The engaging pop up makes it a plus point for the sellers. The seller now have a better customer experience as the customers are already occupied by pop ups. The key idea to provide various offers and discounts in an exciting manner encourages the customers to make a purchase. While at the same time the seller has also an advantage of making a trusted customers. It is a win-win situation for both the sellers and the customers. Thus, introducing pop up serves the purpose.


The pop up are one of the most interesting way too catch the customer’s eye. They help the seller to make better sales and at the same time also benefits the customers by providing better and reasonable offers on their purchase. Thus, incorporating the pop up helps the eCommerce store owners to grow at a rapid rate and at the same time provides the customers with a better and fun experience.

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