Tuesday, 17 October 2017

6 Evidences that Prove you are doing Social Media Marketing the Wrong Way

The rise of the social media marketing has proved to be an efficient way I order to promote the ecommerce growth. The easy access and reachability of the social media makes it simple and approachable for the web store owners to reach out to the potential buyers. One of the important factor to be kept in mind when promoting the web store should be the inclusion of all the features that will help the customers to relate better to the web store. It helps them to make easy decision regarding the purchase of the product.

Though, the concept of social media marketing may seem to be fruitful for the eCommerce store owners but it is not the case every time. Most of the time, the results are positive only if the approach used by the web store owners is right. However, the results may be quite opposite if the approach is not proper and lacks roper attention. The web stores must be constant with the efforts and also take a look at the growth of their social media presence. If they analyze the growth of the social media is not up to the mark than there is a need of reconsidering about the approaches.

The web stores owners will know it, if the social media marketing is failing. As the influence of Social media market is quite large and in any case if the store is not getting the required response than it is a clear sign of wrong approach used in order to promote the web store over the social media. In this case, the web store must try to make use of a better approach and introduce the web store in the social media through different means.

Let us discuss some of the evidences which proves you are doing social media marketing the wrong way.

Low/No Response

No Response

Even bad kind of marketing is some kind of marketing. If your post or brand is not receiving any response from the customers or very low response than it is a clear sign that the brand is not being promoted in the right way. The web store needs to put more effort on the promotion or maybe need a change in the pattern of the promotion. It is one of the most important thing for the web store owners. There must always be a response, no matter the nature of response.


If there is an inconsistency shown by the web store in order to provide a regular update of the products to the users that it is quite bad for the web store. This is one of the way where the web store fails to reach out to most of the customers. Thus, the web store must make sure that they are being consistent about the product or brand update that they make on social media. It helps in making a proper market base through the social media marketing.



The concept of automation plays a vital role in deciding the standing of the web store ratings in social media marketing. The web store must use the feature of the wall post in order to generate automatic wall post at frequent intervals such that the customers are informed on a regular basis about the web store. It also helps in making sales as the customer may like a product from one of the automatic generated post and go for it. Therefore, ignoring the automation of the wall post may prove one of the costliest mistake for web stores.

Expanding the store too thin

Expanding the store too thin

The promotion of the web store must be done in a proper manner. No one is an overnight star, it takes years of dedication and promotion to achieve the success. The same goes for promotion of the web store on social media. If you are promoting your web store across too many social media platforms than you are most likely to lose out on most of them. Therefore, a better approach would be starting to grow the presence of your web store through 2 or 3 most favored social networking sites. After a successful potion on these platforms, the web store my start to look over other platforms.

Fan following

 Fan following

Most of the web stores, when promoted properly on social networking sites acquire a healthy amount of followers. If this is not the case for the web store on social media then the approach is lacking some kind of better approach and the store owner needs to give a good look at the scenario. To overcome this problem, of low fan following the web store may always use the tempting and luring offers in order to encourage the customers to follow the web stores on social media platforms. Web stores can always use Prestashop Facebook Fan page module to improve their fan following on Facebook. It helps in increasing the product visibility of the web store over the social media.

Keeping a track 

 Keeping a track

The key to running a successful web store would be followed by the constant measures and checks of all the progress made. If the web store is not keeping a track or measure of the recent success or failures than it becomes very difficult for the web store to compare the present results to past results and all the efforts goes in vain. Thus, maintaining proper records and concerning them when time demands would be one of the best approach to make sure of the growth achieved by the web store.

Over to You

The social media has turned t be effective in certain ways but talking strictly, it does not guarantee the success of the web store. The utilization of social media to gear up your web store is only possible if the steps taken by the web store owners are proper and lead to a definite path. This will surely help the web store to grow and attain better height in terms of business done.

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