Monday, 23 October 2017

6 Innovative Ways of Offering Giveaways to the Online Customers

Driving the web traffic to the store is always the key to enhance the conversions. Thus, the primary aim of the eCommerce owners is to create an engaging environment so that visitors take a look at the web store and at the same time do engage themselves with the product, ultimate leading to a positive conversions.

One of the better idea to motivate the customers to visit your site is by offering giveaways. The basic idea is to encourage the people to complete their transaction. Usually the visitors will be encouraged and happy after receiving a free item from the web store. In the curiosity to avail their gifts, they are more likely to explore the web store. Thus, it provides the web store to showcase other product into the web store to the customer in order to make better sales.

Though, there are many ways in which the store owners can promote the visibility of the web store but providing visitors with free products is definitely one of the vest way. The owners need not to put extra effort in order to call the visitors to the web store and apart from that the owners can arrange various other events which can help them to improve web store traffic and visibility by assigning certain simple task to the customer. No doubt the customer will readily give certain amount of their time in order to receive a free gift product.

Let us discuss some off the innovative ways in which the web stores can provide giveaways to online customers.

1. Pop ups

Exit Popup

The utilization of pop up is not limited towards making the website appearance look better. They serve multiple purpose. One of the purpose served by them is to provide giveaways to the visitors. The website can always use innovative pop us such as spin and win which has certain giveaways as a part of the offer which can be availed by the customers after spinning the wheel. Thu, the customers gets a feel of laying a game and if they land on one of these offers it may be claimed as a prize by the customers. Thus, one of the innovative way to provide giveaways to the customers. 

2. Scratch Coupons

Scratch Coupons

Scratch coupons are one of the simplest form of providing the online customers with better offers. The website can randomly select visitors and provide them with scratch coupons which can be redeemed by the customers to make a purchase on the product. The curiosity to know more about the amount of the coupon will surely enable the customer to explore the website and search the product for purchase. The Shopify Scratch Coupon is one of such module that enables the website owners to provide this facility to the customers.

3. Surveys


The web store owners can always ask the customers to participate in the small surveys in order to learn better about customer’s behaviors. The interests and the expectation of the customers form a web store can be known after running a bunch of surveys. The customers will happily participate in these surveys in return for gifts. Thus, a better and unique idea, where both the customer and the web store owner are benefitted just in exchange for certain information which may cost nothing to both of them.

4. Campaigns


The small campaign can be run down by the web store owners, where the web store owners can ask the customers to provide them with the basic details such as Email address or social media access to information in return for some freebies. Most of the time, the customer wouldn’t give a second thought to these offers as it nearly takes 2 minutes to provide all these information The web stress get fetched with all the required data and they can use this data in the future in order to promote their products to the customers via Emails or other forms. Thu, a win-win situation for both the seller and the customers.

5. Share entries

Share Entries

The web stores can always ask the visitors to share their entry in order to participate in the contest. In order to do so, the customer need to sign up for the web store and register the there. The visitors are more likely to register them in return for getting a chance to win something. The web store may randomly select some of the people and reward them. This is a clear approach as the web store gets registration while visitors gets a chance to in the freebies.

6. Referrals


The better approach of promoting the web store among the people is by asking them to bring maximum referrals. Most of the people will start to promote the web store with their family and friends. This will lead to a lot of amount of registration the web store. The web store can select some of the people who have brought most referrals to the web store and reward them accordingly. This features enables the web store to initiate a chain of promotion of the web store and improve the store visibility to a very large extent.

Over to You

The idea of providing freebies and giveaways to the customer is always quite fruitful. The web store can get the required attention by using this method. Moreover, the basic idea to improve the store visibility is quite achieved by using this approach and most of the people who have won a freebie or code are likely to avail the service by making a purchase from the web store.

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