Wednesday, 11 October 2017

6 Social Media Aspects that Every Online Marketer Needs to Consider

The collective idea of making the eCommerce easy and better for the customers takes their interaction in consideration. For customers the first liability is to find a platform to connect with the sellers. Once they are set with the platform then the task of choosing products comes into action. So, it becomes quite necessary for the web store owners to provide the customers with the most comfortable options. It helps the customers to shop better and shop more. The search for alternatives and trending starts here for the web stores.

If we take a look at the popular and trending social media platform then Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular ones. With a user base of more than 4 billion, they fit in quite well to serve the purpose for the web store owners. The rate of conversions are directly related to the product visibility. Thus, utilizing social media platform smoothens the marketing process. The only point that must be kept in mind is whatever the approach is used by the seller, it must be able to engage more visitors.

The availability of multiple features on social media allows the web store owners to be more expressive in terms of service provided. The web stores can come up with different ideas in order to enhance the visibility of the web store. The platform is ready to provide more opportunities, it just depends upon the seller if he can grab all of them.

Let us discuss some of the social media aspects which must be considered by the online seller to grow better.

Ads and promotion

Facebook Ads

Lately, the popularity of the social media has turned them into promotional grounds. Due to their vast outreach and user basis, these platforms prove to be a better option for promoting the web stores. The store details along with product description is well received to a very large traffic. It somehow makes it easy for store owners to gain required number of customers using the social media platform. More people get to know about the web store, if an advertisement featuring the web store is posed in these social media sites.

Wall Post

Prestashop FB Wall Post

The trend of wall post is mostly related to Facebook and twitter. The web store owners has option to promote their products by using a wall post. The post itself is a small version of the product promotion. One of the added advantage for Prestashop site owners can be utilized by using Prestashop FB wall post plugin. A module which generates automatic and manual wall post depending upon the seller’s convenience. It helps the stores to promote their products based on the customer’s interaction on social media.   

Social media store

Social Share

The main desire of a customer from the web store is not only products but at the same time multiple features. One of the best way to sell products is by providing them to the customers. A social media store like FB store ensures the seller to make sales on products using Facebook. This approach is appreciated highly by the customers as they don’t have to browse the web store in order to make a purchase on the products.


FB Compaigns

One of the most effective way to lure visitors to the web store is by organizing campaigns and contests on social media sites. Most visitors would love to be a part of these organized programs. They help the sellers in getting a good traffic to the web store. As, most of the time a visitor will be encouraged to browse the web store once they get any discounts and offer without even being a part of the web store. It is effective and at the same time, it improves product visibility.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important strategy in order to showcase the branding and services of the web store. It doesn’t necessarily involve the idea of promoting the products but provides the visitors with an insight of the store. The customers need to be made aware about the web stores functioning. Thus, content marketing is an effective way. The web stores can come out creatively on the social media sites

Email Marketing

FB Email Marketing

The idea of Email may seem obsolete but still they find better use in gathering a better traffic for the web store. The sellers may use social media platforms for reaching out to potential buyers. The social media platform is a good place to collect data from the users by providing them an insight of the store through promotional videos. Most of the time, visitors would provide their Email information in return to some offers. So, the sellers may try every possible chance to get know the visitors better. It helps in making services better for the customers according to their preferences.

Over to You

The power of social media is not any unknown. The multiple and immense features that the seller may utilize on the social media platform can prove quite useful and handy when trying to make profits. The social media trends are an assured way of boosting the web store performance to a very large extent.

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