Thursday, 12 October 2017

8 Aspects you must Consider Before Building a Mobile App for your Company

Mobile apps have become the soul for every web store. If you are planning to improve the visibility off your web store then launching a mobile app would be one of the basic step in doing so. Most of the successful web stores have already launched their mobile app which provides equal ease and better facilities from the web store. Most of the time, a customer would prefer to shop on mobile apps rather than using the desktop sites due to various advantages. It becomes an important aspect for improving the web store growth.

In the meantime, the growth in number of mobile phones has increased considerably and the easy reach of the internet to mobile phones has made it easy for the web stores to collect the customers through mobile apps. Therefore, the shifting of trend is a very natural reflex. In the eCommerce world, “More opportunities will keep striking, if you are open to innovation”. Thus, the idea of making service better in a creative way helps the web store owner to gain more profits from the web store. IT also ensues the customer’s return to the web store to make future purchases.

The mobile apps are a collection of various features. Most of the time launching a mobile app must not be the easiest thing to do. It requires a lot of research and study in order to launch a fully satisfying mobile app. The basic idea of the web store about launching the mobile app is that it should be an improved version of their web store. To justify the mobile app a lot of study has to be conducted else the chances of its failure are quite large.

Let us discuss some of the step that must be considered before launching the mobile app for the web store.

1. Take a survey

Take a Survey

Any mobile app would not be a success, if it takes into consideration about the basic requirement of the customer. Thus, taking a survey before launching the app may provide the web store with the basic understanding of the customers. The web store may be molded according the results from the survey and at the same time services can be modified.

2.  Easy login options

Social Login | Prestashop Social Loginizer Module

The access to mobile apps must be made easy and better. It may be a possibility that some of the customer may be using the mobile app for the first time, so they may hesitate in filling up the lengthy forms. Therefore the mobile apps must provide the easy login options for the customers like social login or browse the store as guest.

3.  Make it attractive

Attractive Mobile Apps | Prestashop Apps

One of the basic requirement of the mobile app is attractiveness. More customers are likely to engage them if the different aspects of the mobile app are customized. For instance if the customer is willing to know a product better than the mobile app must provide with a separate section of product description to meet customer demands.

4.  No Compatibility issues

Compatiable for all platform

Every customer would use a different phone while their phone may be running in different platforms. Thus, making the mobile app to be compatible with various platforms like iOS, Windows, Android etc. It helps the customers to explore the web store from any mobile phone irrespective of the platform their phone works on.

5.  Better interaction

Better Interaction

The better way of connecting to the customers is by providing the customers with interactive elements in the mobile app. It can be done by introducing various theme layout for different categories of items. The interaction can also be improved by providing an easy way of exploring the web store.

6.  Multiple language

Multiple language | RTL Support

An increased concern for most of the web store is language issues. Most of the time customers prefer to browse the web store preferring the language they are most comfortable with. Thus, mobile apps must be provided with multi-lingual support feature such that the customers doesn’t have to face any difficulty in making purchase due to the language issues.

7.  Better navigation

Better Navigation

The navigation of the mobile app must be kept easy and simple. The customers would love to explore various section and categories of the web store. Thus, the mobile app must be provided with more links and ages for different products so that customers can get a better insight of the web store.

8.  Simple checkout

One Page Super Checkout

The process of making purchase is tiring enough, so the mobile app must be provided with the option of simplified checkout to the store visitors. The customers should have the ease to make their payments and exit the store within few clicks. It ensures a happy and satisfied customer.

Over to You

The mobile app may prove to be a great option in making the web store attain success. The idea of launching mobile app may look easy but there are always several complications achieved in doing it Thus, the web stores must take a deep look in the trends that may help them boost their sales.

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