Monday, 20 November 2017

What is Remarketing and How can it be Done Effectively?

Remarketing may be defined as the process of providing the suggestions and products to the visitors who may have visited the website or mobile app but didn’t made a purchase. One of the concerning problem for web store owners is effective conversion. Most of the time, the stores tries to provide every possible feature in order to make the purchase easy for the customers but many times the visitors just visits the store, look at items, add them to the cart and exit. In this case it becomes quite important for the web store to check out these cases of drop in shopping cart.

Thus, remarketing is a powerful tool which can help the web store to provide a better insight of the web store and all the relevant products that are available in the store. The advantage of remarketing is that the customers get to know some more alternatives and products that they can make a purchase on. Meanwhile, the web store is able to sell their items. The chances of the conversions are improved by around 12%. Therefore, it is one of the better approach to keep a track of the customers and remarket the products to them.

The major issue that arises with the remarketing is that how the seller can effectively execute it. To remarket a product the sellers needs a suitable approach to reach out to the potential buyers. Therefore the web stores can make use of Prestashop. The customers can complete their order and after that the web store can direct the customer to the recommended products section. The store can easily remarket the products to the customers by using various options as well as providing suggestions to the customers.

Let us discuss some of the ways in which the web store can effectively remarket the products to the customers.

1. Better Thank you page

The customer must be taken into confidence before remarketing them any other products. In this context, the web store must convince the customers that they really cares for their time. Therefore a well-designed thank you page might help the customers in relating well with the web store and the chances of making a sale by the web store. This approach will convince the customer and improve the chances of the seller in order to make a successful conversion. Prestashop better thank you page module is one of the ways to re-target the customers when they have successfully completed their transaction.

2. Better use of deals and discounts

deals and discounts

The web store must consider the power of discounts while making an attempt on remarketing. The availability of discount on various products encourages the customers to give a better look at the products. Most of the time the chances of the products with some kind of deal and discount are more likely to make a sale. Therefore, the web store must bring out the products with better rates. According to a survey, “the customers are 43% more likely to buy a product with a price lower than the actual price”. So, keeping the customers concern in mind may help the web store owners to make a successful remarketing of the products to the customers. Using innovative exit pop-ups is one of the ways to increase the browsing duration of the customers.

3. Customers purchase details

 Customers purchase details

One of the important feature that can help the web store in order to make a better sale is by knowing the details of the customers. The web store must take a better look at the purchase history of the customers, so that they can get a better idea about the items purchased by the customer in the near past. The web store can try to sell the items to the customers which mostly concerns the customer and fits their concern. This is one of the better way to present the products in front of the customers, as they already have a liking for the products.

4. Use of scratch cards and coupons

scratch cards

The customers must be encouraged about making a purchase. The method of remarketing a product in front of a customer is quite tough, therefore sincere efforts are needed to be put by the web store owners. One of the better way to encourage the customer in order to make a purchase is by providing them coupons and gift cards. The web store can provide them as a token of Thank you at the end of the purchase. The customers generally appreciate these kind of gestures made by the web stores and if they see a gift coupon or scratch card they are more likely to use them in order to make a cheap purchase. After all everybody likes to get items below their actual cost and the scratch cards are an added perks in this direction. Prestashop scratch coupon module can help the Prestashop eCommerce owners to add this functionality on their website.

5. Combo products

Combo products

One of the most efficient way to sell products to the customers is by not asking their opinion about purchasing a product but rather providing them with a choice. Most of the customers are more likely to make a purchase on a product after they are provided with a choice. Secondly, when the web store suggests the customers with combo products then it may bring a rise in the curiosity of the customers, in order to make purchase for the product else they would have a feeling of not buying the complete product. Thus, the combo product card is one of the best suited approach in order to remarket a product to the customer.

Over to You

The process of remarketing a product to a customer is not an easy task. The efforts made by the web store must be in a single directions. One of the important factor that must be kept in mind by the web store owners is that the customers must not be forced to make a purchase rather the web store must show the customer with the need of the products that must find their utility with the daily lifestyle of the customers.

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